the new OM player targeted by defamatory accusations

Jordan Veretout during the AS Roma match at the Olympic stadium in Rome, May 14, 2022. Andrea Staccioli / Insidefoto / PANORAMIC

On social networks, the French international player was accused by some Marseille supporters of “supporting” his father-in-law, who was convicted in 2021 of sexual assault. The lawyer of the father-in-law and the lawyer of the victim responded to Figaro.

On the verge of signing Olympique de Marseille, from AS Roma, the football player Jordan Veretout found himself at the heart of a lively controversy born on social networks. In question, a court case – decided in May 2021 -, related to his in-laws.

On August 2, an anonymous Twitter account, posing as a Marseille supporter, posted a post entitled “Important: the truth about the Veretout family“, accompanied by the hashtag”VeretoutNotWelcometo oppose the player’s arrival at OM.

Sabrina Veretout, wife of Jordan Veretout, as well as all her sisters denied their younger sister because she filed a complaint against her father when he raped her (…) It should be noted that Jordan Veretout paid for his wife’s father, at Sabrina’s request, avoiding prison. In fact, instead of doing the required 4 years, he only did 2 years. Jordan paid his lawyer and therefore indirectly endorsed what his wife’s father did“, introduced the publication. A tissue of blasphemous accusations that have been forwarded by many fans of OM, with a hashtag that appeared: “VeretoutNotWelcome“.

Facing the controversy, the president of the club, Pablo Longoria, was asked about the subject in a press conference, Wednesday August 3.I ask: is he condemned? (…) A rumour, that is a reflex of today’s life. Social networks, someone posts something, everyone should follow. The popular judgment of a person for a guess, is that morally acceptable?“Questions of the OM president.

The player’s father-in-law was sentenced in May 2021

The stepfather of Jordan Veretout was actually sentenced by the courts in May 2021 for a sexual assault on one of his daughters. Then 75 years old, he was sentenced to two years in prison by the Saint-Nazaire Criminal Court, while the public prosecutor requested four years in prison. The septuagenarian’s sentence has been adjusted. In French law, if a sentence is less than or equal to two years, it can be adjusted if the situation and the personality of the convicted person allow it. This is the usual operation of justice. The allegation of the anonymous supporter paid by Jordan Veretout “so that his wife’s father can avoid prisoncompletely baseless.

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The charges against the stepfather began in July 2017 when the complainant, one of his daughters, was a minor. An article from Mail from Pays de Retz recounts the trial. “On July 31, 2017, in Préfailles (Loire-Atlantique), at midnight, while she was sleeping in the motorhome with her father, and her brother was in the kitchen, the little girl came out crying. He called his mother, one of his sisters: “He touched me again”», narrates the article. He also denounced other touchings that should have started since he was 13 years old.

Since then, this family of Portuguese origin has been broken up. First believed, the young woman was finally rejected by the whole family, including the wife of Jordan Veretout (who is one of his sisters, editor’s note), who took the father’s cause. The young woman was sent away and family ties were completely broken.

My client’s daughters paid me

I am Joseph Cohen-Sabban, lawyer for the father-in-law who was sentenced in May 2021

crying”a hateful controversy“, the lawyer of the father-in-law, Me Joseph Cohen-Sabban, recalled that Jordan Veretout “was never directly or indirectly involved in this activity“. The player’s name does not appear at any time in this file in relation to his in-laws and whose facts begin in 2017.I never met him and never spoke to him. I was paid by my client’s daughters, who supported their father from start to finish“, Joseph Cohen-Sabban also assures me of Figaro. Me Marie-Cécile Nathan, former collaborator of Me Joseph Cohen-Sabban and lawyer of the father-in-law during the May 2021 trial, told us for her part that she had “no statement will be made on this matter“.

So there is no tangible element to confirm that Jordan Veretout would have paid the lawyers of his father-in-law, as shown in the publication of the anonymous supporter that went viral. Even if he does, that does not mean that he will “endorse” what his wife’s father did. In France, seeking help from a lawyer in legal proceedings is a constitutional right.

Joined by this Le FigaroMe Pierre Huriet, the lawyer of the woman who was sexually assaulted, explained to us that “his client does not want to be involved in this story“. “We discover this controversy. My client has nothing to contribute. The facts were established about his father and he was identified as the victim. He wanted to be quiet and rebuild himself. He never knew directly or indirectly who paid his father’s lawyers, he was not interested“, concluded the lawyer.

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