Ten excellent series to watch this summer

From the end of summer, our screens will be invaded by some of the most anticipated series of recent years: House of the Dragonthe series inspired by the universe of Game of Thronesor The Rings of Poweris inspired by The Lord of the rings. But while we await the arrival of these blockbusters on television, which we will surely talk about again, here are some other little gems that are not to be missed.

“Better Call Saul” (Netflix)

This spin-off series from Bad offensewhich tells us about the beginnings of the crooked lawyer Saul Goodman, has done some times the same (or even exceeded) the original. While the character of Saul mainly serves as a comic in the series of parents, here he acquires a more tragic dimension: how all moral compass has been lost in this wise but very sympathetic young- a lawyer?

Half crime thriller, legal comedy and intimate drama, Better Call Saul developed a unique touch, while bringing together the ingredients that make the success of Bad offense: an inventive gameplay, a gripping plot, and a gallery of unique characters (both old and new).

At its center is one of the most compelling relationships on television in recent years, between Saul and Kim Wexler, his partner, a highly complex antiheroine whose ultimate fate remains up in the air. The final episodes are now streaming on Netflix, with the finale set for August 16. It’s now or never to catch up on this important series.

“Industry” (OCS)

This series about young London bankers is ultimately less interested in finance than in the sexual activities of its characters. His jargon dialogues, spoken in multiple languages ​​and accents, are often incomprehensible, and his stakes remain mysterious to say the least. But whatever. With its hypnotic sound and visual environment, a mix of electronic music, non-stop ringtones and sanitized sets, the series perfectly describes the emptiness of the world of money.

Industry follows the professional and private misadventures of Harper, Yasmin, Gus and Rob, young recruits at a soulless London investment bank. Addictions, seduction, betrayal, and a lot of tension: these are the ingredients of this unique and incredibly addictive series.

“Queer as Folk” (Starzplay)

In 1999, the British series by Russell T Davies strange as folk was the first to feature gay main characters. The legacy of the series continues today with this new American adaptation, set in New Orleans, and focusing on a cast of young characters representing every color of the LGBT+ rainbow.

Determined to capture contemporary issues, the series ends the first episode with a scene that evokes the Pulse shooting in Florida, the traumatic event that will have repercussions for the rest of the season. With its political message, its lively dialogues, its love triangles and its attractive characters, this new version of strange as folk has enough hold over time.

“Bad Sisters” (Apple TV+)

We’ll have to wait until August 19 to discover it, but believe us, it’s worth it. Sharon Horgan, the brilliant actress, screenwriter and producer of calamity hope In this waysigns here is a thriller full of dark humor, adaptation of the Flemish series Clan. After the death of John Paul Williams, his sisters-in-law were suspected of killing him. And for good reason: in the flashbacks, we discover that John Paul, nicknamed “The Prick” and embodied by a still fit Claes Bang, is a terrible character, strict, abusive, and manipulative.

How did he die? Did the sisters really kill him? The series, which alternates between investigation and flashbacks in the months before the death of John Paul Williams, reveals its suspense with patience and evil.

“For All People” (Apple TV+)

It was a long time ago our favorite series last year, and Season 3, which is now drawing to a close, only adds to our admiration. This uchronic program tells a slightly modified version of the space race and the cold war: in For All People, whose action began in the 1960s, the Soviets were the first to walk on the Moon, and the United States was the last. As a result, NASA will have to redouble its efforts and ingenuity to regain ground – including giving more space to women in its ranks.

After a mediocre first episode or two, the series reveals its cards by letting its female characters shine. Astronauts, scientists, bureaucrats, housewives or politicians, they lead the dance and give their soul to this hair-raising science fiction series. In order to better illustrate the surprising development to which the characters aspire, the series itself reproduces ambitious ellipses, with time jumps of several years, according to a narrative propulsion that never weak.

“Face” (Apple TV+)

Summer is also the perfect time to rest your eyes and brain. What is better for that than FACE, a classy, ​​slightly understated thriller with an incredibly sexy cast. Produced by Reese Witherspoon (who else?), the series is set in the upscale neighborhoods of San Francisco, and doesn’t skimp on fancy costumes and luxury sets.

Gugu Mbatha Raw is about a woman who loses her memory after a ferry accident. On her guard against a husband she doesn’t know (Oliver Jackson Cohen, especially crossed The Hatred of the House on the Hill), he tries to remember who he is, and to explain the mystery around the event, maybe not by accident like that. In the secondary roles, we also find the legendary Marianne Jean-Baptiste (whose CV from the Palme d’Or Secrets and Lies in the cult method series FBI: Lost), or Stephan James (If Beale Street Could Talk, Homecoming). A neat and charming mystery, perfect for the season.

Unfinished (Amazon Prime Video)

completion BoJack Horseman, Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy once again prove their appetite for existential animated series that tear your heart apart. on denied, a series made of rotoscoping (drawings made from real shots), we follow Alma, 28, who discovers extraordinary abilities after suffering a serious car accident. The young woman of Mexican origin then decides to find out more about the death of her father, played by Bob Odenkirk (alias Saul Goodman). A poetic and poignant meditation on mental health, grief and family legacy.

“The Dropout” (Disney+)

We talked very little The Dropout than’Anna’s invention, the Netflix program inspired by the true story of a fake heiress. However, with the “competition scammers” theme, it is clear that this series is very subtle and controlled. The Dropout chronicles the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced founder of the American company Theranos.

After promising revolutionary scientific innovations for several years, the young woman, who saw herself as a new incarnation of Steve Jobs, was sentenced in 2022 for fraud. Led by Amanda Seyfried’s amazing performance, the series manages to complicate its heroine without ever taking sides with her. He also gleefully points out the silliness of Silicon Valley that allowed this hustler to thrive for so long.

Abbott Elementary (Disney+)

This three-time Emmy-nominated sitcom is all about good humor. In the same vein as jokes Parks and Recreation hope Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Abbott Elementary depicts the daily life of an elementary school in Brooklyn, which is (sometimes literally) on the verge of collapse due to lack of funding.

Creator and lead actress Quinta Brunson gives a charismatic performance, surrounded by a troupe of eccentric characters (we have a soft spot for Ava, the perfect western headmistress, or Barbara, the old teacher we don’t care about) . If you’re looking for a series that’s as funny as it is touching, look no further.

Bonus: “Drag Race France” (France tv)

True, this is not a series, but a reality TV show. but what show. The French adaptation of the cult RuPaul’s Drag Racewhich puts the competition of drag queens with many talents, Drag Race in France impressed with his cast of bright and attractive queens, the diversity of its representations, and his subtle homages to French culture. Be careful, it is very addictive.

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