Sergio Ramos is looking forward to an exciting season

Arrived at PSG free of any contract in the summer of 2021, Sergio Ramos took the time to impose himself sportingly under the Parisian sky, in question, many physical glitches. Now 36 years old, the Spanish international looks set to play a full season in the shirt. Red Blue to believe his words on the microphone PSG-TV : ” The truth is that I am in a good moment, physically, after a good pre-season, a lot of effort and dedication, a lot of time dedicated to feeling good, and luckily we started a winning season a title, I was able to show a good level of play and I was able to score a goal in a final, and that is always very special. So I’m very happy, especially because I feel good physically and I think it’s an exciting time.“.

If the pre-season is important for the first real Madridhe also spoke on the subject, and its good management by the new staff of Paris Saint Germain : ” I think in the pre-season you always have to give yourself, because in the end you rely on rest, nutrition and after training. I think the development is very well managed and very well planned by the technical staff and coaches. […] It’s too early to talk because we’re just starting to gain confidence, we need time, games, minutes so that little by little we can get to know each other better on the pitch using the new system and then we can start well in physical.“.

The fine adaptation of Christophe Galtier

During this interview with PSG-TV, Sergio Ramos was also asked about his new coach, Christophe Galtier. The latter is the subject of many questions about his ability to cope in a locker room such as PSG, but according to the echoes, the French technician accepted this challenge with hands. Number 4 in Paris proves all the respect players can do Red Blue for their new coach: We still have a little problem with the language (smile) but when he speaks slowly, I can understand him. So we have good communication with the new game system that we have adopted, what it expects of us. In the end, I think we understand each other very well, I think he is a coach with a very high technical and tactical level, he just won the championship with another team in France, so he is a man with football experience and we have to take advantage of that and try to project the ideas of the coach on the pitch“.

And the coach’s ideas, Sergio Ramos seems to assimilate them little by little, and adapts to them by fully understanding what Christophe Galtier players expect this, and this new system with three defenders: It’s been a while since we played three central defenders either in the previous teams or in the national team, but we adapted everything. I think it is also an advantage to play with three centers, because it gives us strength, stability and a high defensive balance that sends a lot of security to the attackers, to the opponents -attack they may return more slowly.“.

Was in the group of players called to go to Auvergne to face the Clermont Football, Sergio Ramos also spoke about this meeting, emphasizing the desire to show themselves as teams facing the PSG. The player also emphasized the calmness that the players must show in the capital to facilitate the first meeting of Ligue 1 Uber Eats 2022-2023. As a reminder, the Paris Saint Germain movement of Gabriel Montpied Stadium Saturday night at 9 pm, a meeting will be broadcast on the antenna of Canal + Offset.

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