Mélenchon’s position on China and Taiwan was not shared by all NUPES

SARAH MEYSSONNIER / REUTERS Julien Bayou and some Nupes leaders criticize Mélenchon’s latest position vis-à-vis China


Julien Bayou and some Nupes leaders criticize Mélenchon’s latest position vis-à-vis China

POLITICS-” Not in my name. Jean-Luc Mélenchon is far from being one within NUPES, the alliance of the left in the National Assembly, with his latest statements. The third man in the presidential election was described, on Wednesday, as ” provoking the trip of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan.

In his blog, the leader of insubordinate France also said that he “there is only one China” relating to the continental territory and that “Taiwan is an important part of China”thus taking a term defended by the regime in Beijing but rejected by the authorities in Taipei.

In the process, the Chinese Embassy in France thanked him in a tweet “for his steadfast support of the one-China policy”. What caused many criticisms of the president… But not only. “We have allies that deserve us”for example mocked MEP LREM Nathalie Loiseau this Friday, August 6 on social networks, while many left-wing personalities did not hesitate to distance themselves from this controversial position.

Bayou answers to Mélenchon

It was particularly among ecologists and socialists that the reactions were strongest. ” Mélenchon spoke of “provocation” when democratic Ukraine defended itself in Donbass against authoritarian Russia. And talking about the “provocation” of Taiwan when… This country is freely acting against China “, lamented for example the boss of EELV Julien Bayou, also head of the representatives of the environment in the National Assembly, in social networks.

Guest of BFMTV at the end of the day, he did not hesitate to criticize the “cynicism” of Jean-Luc Mélenchon on the international scene. ” If we are included in democracy, we are everywhere, at all times and at all points “, thus he launched, rejecting the “dated” vision of Insoumi, as you can see below. Anything against the United States is good, in principle… it’s dated and it’s inconsistent behavior, but it’s from 1955, in the middle of the Cold War, we’re a long way from that. “, he estimated, together with many ecological leaders.

Among them, Yannick Jadot also wants to make his voice heard. Without naming him, the last green presidential candidate uses the expression used by Jean-Luc Mélenchon in his blog. “‘A China’first timea dictatorship’ wrote the MEP on social networks, for whom ” Chinese nationalism is a propaganda tool to justify barbarism. »

In the same spirit, the EELV published a press release, this Friday, to, among other things, “reaffirm its position”, and try to stand out from what was defended by Insoumis and their leader.

The ‘One China’ narrative promotes propaganda for China’s authoritarian, undemocratic regime “The party explained, still part of the exit of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.” China is a dictatorship. This regime organizes the genocide of the Uyghurs and the oppression of other peoples such as the Tibetans, violates human rights in its land every day and illegitimately threatens Taiwan and its democracy. »

The socialist Faure is more measured

In this context, ecologists were included in their movement by some executives of the Socialist Party. Olivier Faure, the chef des roses judges as well “Advisability of Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit questionable”, but that “The will of the Taiwanese people to live in a democracy is not”. A reaction may be more measured in form but just as critical, in substance, to the words of the rebel former presidential candidate.

Some socialist parliamentarians, such as the deputy of Eure Philippe Brun or the senator of Paris David Assouline, answer instead. ” And is the visit of an American parliamentarian to Taiwan a ‘provocation’? », pretended to ask a second, commenting on the military maneuvers Beijing has launched since Nancy Pelosi’s ouster.

In this context, a voice within NUPES stands out for its uniqueness. That of Sandrine Rousseau. The green representative from Paris published a message this Friday on social networks that did not take the main lines of the press release of his training and instead seemed to bring water to the mill of the dissidents.

“There are many ways to support Taiwan, its democracy and its people”, he wrote first, on Twitter, taking care to specify immediately: “One development is never the right one. One way to criticize, in a vacuum, the visit of the American leader to Taipei? The elected Parisian did not specify and called to “allow stability and peace in the region”. On this last point, everyone agrees.

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