LoL: Hitler, racism, pointer… A LEC structure of drama

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Yesterday, the Internet user TOR Yuri (kamenyurisen) dropped a big bomb… With supporting evidence, he insisted on exposing a member of an LEC structure for “problematic” behavior. This sweet humility does not deceive anyone, however, if we speak the terms, he accuses, rightly or wrongly, a person who is a real person. We apologize in advance for some flowery words used, which despite the full writing of the weight of the accusations.

Obviously, we are not in a position to confirm or deny the statements made by Yuri. The latter may have gathered many elements to describe its charge, we will try to remain at least neutral while waiting for the response of the concerned. But we are talking here about the accusation of racism, of anti-Semitism and on statutory rape… Dirty atmosphere in the LEC, especially since the structure in question is supposed to defend against the winds and currents of its supposed members problem.

Heavy charges against EXCEL Fosty

The man now in the mix is ​​Aleksić Aleksa, better known as Fosty. He is the Social Media Manager of EXCEL Esports and notably has more than 20,000 followers on Twitter. Very active in networks, he has significant exposure within the community. But for once, we can imagine that he’d rather stay in the shadows than see this big bad explosion. To better understand the case, here are the main facts alleged against the accused

  • Accusation of racism : Fosty should have wrong words against people with dull skin. But most of all, he pressed hard on Yuri’s Japanese origins with inappropriate words. Referring to the painful elements of history for Japanese nationals, on published screens he said in a sexual context “I will do to you what the USA did to Japan” during World War II. He would have added “you are more dominated than Japan in 1945“. We don’t know if we can make everyone laugh, but we sure can’t make anyone laugh. There is no humor when a partner is hurt.
  • Accusations of Nazism and pro-Hitler speech : Fosty has a fixation on Hitler and he insists on defending him on many occasions in private discussions but also in group discussions. Defending that dictator after the crimes he committed is unforgivable.
  • Accusation of corruption of minors : this case is a bit more controversial and in the networks, we see different reactions. Fosty is now 23 and for the past few years he has been flirting with underage girls, possibly as young as 16. Some have defended this, but most of the community has cried out in outrage labeling it a “pointer”. . It’s hard to say without the facts, but with the combination of “older” and “influencer”, it’s inevitable that there will be doubts about Fosty’s practices.

EXCEL, better late than never react

All of these accusations are problematic. But what raises more questions is the fact that initially, EXCEL Sportst defended his manager on social media without trying to go further. When Yuri contacted the British structure a month ago, he got no response. Fosty would have stayed in his place as if nothing had happened. It is for this reason that the user wants to make the case public, to change things and get justice, for him but also for other alleged victims.

For once, the first goal was accomplished. We don’t know when to rejoice, but EXCEL announced late at night (after midnight), Fosty will be suspended and an investigation (internal and external) will be opened. The latter announced that he wants to cooperate to clear his name, but in the face of those accusations it will be complicated. In any case, social media justice is not real justice. But sometimes a TwitLonger more impact than a official statement… Sad life that must come to this.

Karmine Corp, Solary, Team Oplon… There are many structures to claim the title of the group of people. In contrast, Team BDS has an image that sticks to its skin: that of a group of rich people. But we can emphasize that its owner is very generous … on Twitch!

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