LIVE – OM: Payet angered by questions about atmosphere and tension, Tudor answers doubts

This is the end of this press conference

The meeting between the players and the president, tensions, dangerous preparations … Dimitri Payet and Igor Tudor sweep the hot news from OM.

A style of play tailored to Ligue 1?

Tudor: “It depends on the style we are facing. There can be problems in the transfer game in a team with fast players.

The other recruits?

Tudor: “It’s a good squad but it can be improved.”

Group update for Sunday

Tudor: “Everything is there.”

To a scheme with two players supporting an attacker?

Tudor: “The system takes second place. What matters is the style. How you move, the mentality, the body.”

Did he find it difficult to express his demands regarding Italy?

Tudor: “There must be differences compared to what I experienced in Italy. But, in the end, it is always work. The difference is not in the country but in the coach’s methods “I always believe in fatigue, true fatigue . Teams with vertical play and intensity get better results. Against AC Milan, we played against a team with a game we wanted to put. Their team has been built for three years. At the start of their journey, they lost 5 -0 against Atalanta.”

What is preparatory assessment?

Tudor: “We worked well, I got along very well with the players. The preparation was short. Four or five players arrived late, I only worked with them for two or three weeks. I coached for 10 years. There is always a difference between preparation and official matches. My style is very different from the previous coach. You can win in many different ways. It takes time to get used to the style, but it’s good our week of preparation.”

How was the meeting with Longoria and the players?

Tudor: “It’s a private thing. It’s a good thing to do. We’ve had a good week at work, with a good mindset for the game ahead of us.”

It’s Tudor’s turn

The Croatian technician replaced Payet.

In the safety of the stadium

Payet: “Finally a good question (smile). I was hoping to be asked. I am the happiest to see that this decision was made in relation to what I experienced. violence in stadiums. This is the start of something . Congratulations to the League.”

The smart man in the locker room since Mandanda left?

Payet: “That’s what I’ve been trying to do for two years. I think we have a healthy group. When you have a locker room like that, it’s easier to manage. I also have personal performances to manage . I’m not the social worker to solve cloakroom problems.”

Payet: “A different face than the one shown against Milan”

Payet: “We have to show a different face than the one shown against Milan, because we are here in a real competition. Besides, the most important thing is to get the three points.”

What is the key to success this season?

Payet: “The Champions League remains at its peak in terms of intensity, of course we leave some juice there. We can count on a quality workforce. We have an expanded group. It’s up to us to make sure that everyone respond. when the coach needs us.”

Does he get anxious after the fights?

Payet: “We were worried when we saw that we couldn’t transcribe what we were working on in training. But friendly is there for that.”

Payet: “The institution is at the top”

Payet: “The institution is above all. There is a change of direction. It is up to us, the players, to adapt to that.”

Sequins in the Tudor style

Payet: “These are new methods for us. This is a way of working. We are working hard. We have to digest this preparation very heavily. We were able to understand and implement the way we want us to play. the coach.

“He is a coach who wants seriousness, work and demands. This is completely normal. I am the first to ask to find solutions to increase our demands.”

At the meeting he requested with Tudor

Payet: “Dimitri Payet never asked to meet the president. No meeting was requested, neither from me nor from any player. Pablo Longoria came to meet us to check the preparation, what he expected from us and the goals of the season. I know that Dimitri Payet is selling. We tried to destabilize us, but everything is clear inside.

Is group living good?

Payet: “The group is still good. We are working hard. But yes, we have the same atmosphere as last year. Everything is good.”

Let’s go to this press conference

Dimitri Payet appeared in front of the media.

A tense climate two days before recovery

Igor Tudor and Dimitri Payet will not be short of questions this Friday due to the tense climate between the players and the coach, whose methods are considered brutal. A meeting was held Wednesday at the training center between workers, staff and president Pablo Longoria.

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