it was this drama that plunged him into deep depression

Michel Galabru died shortly after his wife: this tragedy plunged him into depression (Photo by Frederic SOULOY/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

This Friday, August 5, 2022, M6 broadcasts “The gendarme is getting married”. A cult film starring Louis de Funès and the unforgettable Michel Galabru. Died on January 4, 2016, the actor, in the last moments of his life, went through a painful depression due to the loss of his wife, Claude.

His character, his thunderous voice and his comic power make him one of the most famous French actors. Six years after his death, Michel Galabru still occupies a special place in the hearts of many in the public, but also clearly in those who had the opportunity to be with him behind the scenes. Because in terms of private life, Michel Galabru is a fulfilled husband and father, who can only endure sadness for a while…

A beginning of a secret love story

Michel Galabru married for the first time to Anne Jacquot, with whom he had two sons, Jean and Philippe. It was only in the 1970s that he had an encounter that would change the course of his sentimental life. That of Claude, a former investigating magistrate. Their paths crossed on the set of the movie “The Shame of the Family”, while Claude accompanied his aunt, Micheline Dax. Together, they would have a daughter, Emmanuelle. But before his birth, at the time of the terrible meeting, Michel Galabru, as beautiful as he was, was still married to Anne Jacquot. This new love story becomes a secret.

“He is married. And he has two sons, Jean and Philippe, whom he loves. But fate wanted my parents to love. A love stronger than theirs. For a long time, more than ten years, they see secretly, like college students”, confides Emmanuelle in the columns of Paris Match.

And to speak more about his mother and the fears he felt during this idyll passed in silence: “He was a lawyer at the Paris bar. Then he became an examining magistrate in Sens and Nanterre. President of the association of investigating magistrates, he worked with Robert Badinter before becoming secretary general of the Paris Court of Appeal and then the Court of Cassation. Elisabeth Guigou, Keeper of the Seals, put him in charge of communications and press relations in the Ministry of Justice He continued his career in the Paris court. And the minister himself gave him the Legion of Honor. He lived a double life and mom didn’t want the whole ministry of Justice to know that he was dating by Michel Galabru. Until the day he dared. to live openly with my mother. He only got a divorce, for breaking the common life, ten lo years ago.

“You don’t understand how much I love that girl”

Forty years of happiness followed. Michel Galabru and Claude never left each other. And the actor was there until the last breath of his beauty. On August 13, 2015, he announced the death of his wife due to Parkinson’s disease. “My poor wife died after a serious illness…” he said in an interview with Nice Matin, collapsing in pain. Then 92 years old, Michel Galabru seems more weakened by this tragedy, marred by an impossible mourning and months preceding the death of his wife. “We obviously expected it because it’s a disease that doesn’t forgive… I don’t wish this Parkinson’s disease on anyone. At that time, we didn’t see anything to worry about. And then when it started it’s in progress, it’s terrible (…) It’s like Alzheimer’s. things that shouldn’t be there “.

At that time, Michel Galabru tried to cheat the pain for a while by playing the boards of the game “Jofroi”. A choice he explains with emotion: “What you want, it’s a moment to stop suffering. It allows you not to think too much while you play. What you want.. Everything is programmed. There is nothing you can do. . We are predestined. This is in the sense that if there is a god, we cannot say that he is good…”

But the pain was unbearable. Almost six months after the death of Claude, Michel Galabru bowed at the age of 93. In the columns of Paris Match, his daughter Emmanuelle returned to his last moments stained by the absence of his wife: “Leaved Dad on mom’s birthday, but six months after him, it’s like he gave her the gift to be with her that day to give her the place she didn’t dare to give him during her life. And to continue through to reveal his father’s sad reaction to the announcement of Claude’s death: “He cried, before declaring: ‘You cannot understand how much I love this woman’.” The following six months, Michel Galabru, tired, keeps repeating the same sentence: “I want to be with him” …

VIDEO – The policeman is getting married

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