Formula 1 – Alpine | Who will replace Fernando Alonso?

In just a few hours, Alpine made people forget about Ferrari’s strategic disaster during the Hungarian Grand Prix. A tour de force that makes us happy. But now it’s time to (finally) find a driver for next season.

After eating air in space in front of the whole world, the Alpine team didn’t have much time to find a driver for next year. Should she call an ex back or give in to panic buying? At FFL, we are thinking about pilots who can secure the 2023 season.

Daniel Ricciardo

From a chronological point of view, Renault’s latest ex is none other than Daniel Ricciardo. That’s fine, for the Australian it’s also hess. Like Alpine in Aston Martin, Daniel had the bad idea to connect to social networks during his vacation. Halfway through the speech, he understood that his seat for next year was no longer reserved for him. Hello Daniel, hello Oscar.

What if two broken hearts decide to reunite? At this point, we agree, this is the logical continuation. And if we go to the end of this reasoning, we can still hope to see this reform in both. Just imagining it gives us chills.

Oscar Piastri

Think about it. Oscar didn’t just refuse the Alpine chair, he decided to finish them off against the whole world. And we can safely say that this attempt was a resounding success. But nothing has been signed or official on his side for the next season. Scavengers par excellence, we can’t help but imagine an FFL ending for the Melbourne native. Snub Alpine to finish next to McLaren. And back, down, on the Alpine lap, accepting the SMIC limit of driving. This was his best move in F1, even before competing in any races.

Pierre Gasly

How can a Frenchman not think of joining a French team? In addition, this transfer will allow him to find his great friend Esteban. In fact, we can only see positives in this hypothesis. Do you still doubt the relationship between Pierre and Esteban? You bloody gossip. You only have to remember the 2018 French GP for its return to France. Popcorn please!

Only one problem persists: Helmut Marko. The Austrian decided to lock Pierre in the Red Bull fold until the end of his life. Gasly is more likely to find his tire at Red Bull than going to Alpine. In other words.

Theo Pouchaire

Pierre Gasly is not the only one who will help form a Franco-French doublet in Alpine next season. Théo Pouchaire can be seen as a cocorico alternative. Second in the F2 championship, it may be that his membership in the Alfa Romeo fold does not allow him to make such a move. But hey, isn’t Alpine the only one making a case law of these famous “wombs” for Piastri’s departure?

Charles Leclerc

What if he has the keys to this file? Faced with Ferrari’s abracadabrantes strategies, one can understand if Charles is starting to tire of the Scuderia. With Alpine, they also speak two common languages: French and water-based racing strategies. From there to say that Leclerc has more chance to be world champion with Alpine than Ferrari? There is only one step. We’re going overboard, but that’s why you’re reading us.

Charles Leclerc is trying to understand the strategy of his strategists.

Romain Grosjean

If his best years in F1 were at the wheel of a Haas, let’s not forget that Grosjean is also ex-Renault. Hiding in the shadow of Fernando Alonso at the time, he would finally get the limelight at the expense of the Spaniard. Mark Webber, Oscar Piastri’s manager, couldn’t have done a worse trick at Alpine. He himself called Romain “crazy first round”.

In the meantime, Romain is following this series closely. Should we see a sign there?

Alain Prost

While we think of Alain we understand that the logic of calling your ex back sometimes has its limits. At 67, it may be too late to remember. Reconnecting with Prost was like sending a message back to an ex-married man with three children who found himself retired in a year. But one detail makes us think twice. Besides the fact that Prost has some piloting ideas, the planets can really align for the next season. The Renault driver from 1981 to 1983, the team will celebrate the 40th anniversary of his departure next year. And what better birthday present than to give him a steering wheel? We cast a wide net, of course. But surely, Otmar is in the same situation as us.

Manuel Valls

After his failures as mayor of Barcelona and in the last legislative elections, Manu is desperately trying to reunite professionally. Actively looking for a job, he might not say no to F1. In addition, Valls could do a French doublet with questionable Spanish accents with Esteban Ocon. On the other hand, Alpine should forget the proposal made to Alonso, which is a season and an option. In Manu, it is at least five years.

Igor Tudor

The new coach of OM got off to a scary start: only one victory in five friends, and the locker room section is already behind. It was enough for supporters to demand his departure, while the bugger signed on July 4 only. If the trend is confirmed, it could be that the Croatian finds himself on the job market before the Grand Prix of Spa-Francorchamps.

Samy Naceri

Speed ​​obviously doesn’t scare him. And what’s more, he’s French. Send your best email Otmar!

James Bond

This is undoubtedly Alpine’s greatest revenge. After Alonso was swiped by Aston Martin, the French team could steal the jewel from its English counterpart: James Bond. Seeing Agent 007 driving a French car would be a lèse-majesté crime. And that doesn’t make us angry. Far away there.

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