Everything you need to know about Lambrook School, the school that George, Charlotte and Louis from Cambridge will attend at the start of the school year

(Left to right) Prince George, Prince William, Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton and Prince Louis immortalized on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. (London, June 5, 2022.) AFP forum

After the move of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the couple’s three children will have to join a new establishment, revealed the wireSunday, July 31.

“It is a respected school, but it is not one of the highest”, can we read in the columns of wire. This is the description made by a parent of a student about Lambrook School, a private establishment in the east of England. The British daily actually revealed, on Sunday July 31, that George, 9, Charlotte, 7, and Louis de Cambridge, 4, could join this preparatory and Christian school in Bracknell.

Who are the young pretenders to the thrones of Europe?

Built in 1860 and housed in a large white stucco house, surrounded by a large park, it is a fifteen minute drive from Adelaide Cottage, the future residence of the Cambridges. The couple are said to be about to leave Kensington Palace – however, they will retain their offices there – to move into this historic home, located near Windsor Castle.

A “close-knit” community

According to the parents of the students who were interviewed by wire, Lambrook School offers a “modern, comfortable and nurturing” experience for its students, aged 3 to 13. “The one our daughter went to in London doesn’t compare,” one of them said to the newspaper. Lambrook School is surrounded by an area of ​​several hectares (…) The classes are fun and it is a close and tolerant community. I defy any kid not to feel good about it. “

Prince George and Princess Charlotte will leave Thomas’s Battersea School, located in southwest London, to join this establishment for 4,389 pounds (5,200 euros) in the first year and 6,448 pounds (7,700 euros) in the third. However, both children may become discouraged. At Lambrook School, which has been visited by Prince William and Kate Middleton no less than six times, classes are forced on Saturdays. Furthermore, the school, whose goodies can be very attractive (from personalized key rings to wooden yoyos, offered in a handy jute bag), does not, like Thomas’s Battersea, have a chalet in Austria.

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Swimming pool and golf course

Building 560 students however has its share of advantages. He welcomed in his “newly painted” enclosure “excellent children”, whose results were excellent. At the end of this course, some also receive scholarships that allow them to integrate into prestigious secondary establishments, such as Eton or Marlborough. Lambrook also has its own cricket, football and rugby grounds, as well as a golf course and 25m swimming pool.

If they integrate this establishment, Cambridge seniors will practice sports activities every day, and participate in matches several times a week. They can also take courses in English, math, French, science, Latin, Greek, history, geography, ICT (information and communication technologies), art, design and technology. They also get lessons in theater, music, physical education and swimming.

Sunday with the Queen?

If one of the two children wants to sleep at the boarding school, five nights a week, the Cambridges have to pay an additional 1,481 pounds (1,700 euros) per quarter. After his first return to school, Prince Louis, who has just left Willcocks daycare, will put on his boots for a weekly walk in the forest with his class.

Every Saturday, his parents can attend plays, theater performances or recitals organized by Lambrook School. It’s a safe bet that the Cambridges spend their Sundays with the Queen, at Windsor Castle, or even with the Middleton family, who live not far from there.

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