China suspended cooperation with the US in several areas after Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

China announced on Friday, August 5, the suspension of its cooperation with the United States in several areas, including dialogue between high-level military officials, in retaliation for this week’s visit to Taiwan by the President of the United States House United States. Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Beijing would specifically suspend climate talks with the United States, as well as cooperation in fighting cross-border crime, the repatriation of illegal migrants and the military security in maritime areas.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said “impossible” to solve the “the world’s most pressing issues”like global warming, no a “Effective dialogue and cooperation” between China and the United States, its spokesman said on Friday.

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A “lightning challenge” from the United States

The Chinese ministry also announced, a few hours ago, “impose sanctions” to Nancy Pelosi and him “close family”, without providing further details. This announcement comes on the second day of a series of military exercises on an unprecedented scale around Taiwan, which should last until Sunday.

Beijing considers the island an integral part of Chinese territory and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, told Cambodia on the sidelines of a regional summit on Thursday that Mr.ME Pelosi is a “open provocation” in the United States and created a “Sad precedent” in the relationship between the two countries.

China’s military on Thursday fired ballistic missiles and deployed its air force and navy in six maritime areas around Taiwan, which is about 20 kilometers from the coast and has disrupted some of the busiest trade routes. in the world. On Friday, sixty-eight Chinese aircraft and thirteen warships crossed the “median line” in the Taiwan Strait, according to Taiwan’s military. Criticizing these movements of the sea arm that separates the island from mainland China, the Ministry of Defense has criticized the military exercises “very exciting” from Beijing.

“The temperature is too high”

“These challenges represent a significant escalation (…) [Pékin] driving risky actions to a new level”, commented, on the side of the United States, the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, traveled to Cambodia on Friday for a meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN, consisting of ten countries). Washington accuses Beijing of having “selected overreaction” to visit Nancy Pelosi, and warned that her aircraft carrier Reagan continue on “watch” around the island, while announcing that it has postponed an intercontinental missile test to avoid exacerbating the crisis.

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China “Using the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives as an excuse to increase its provocative military operations in and around the Taiwan Strait”said the White House spokesman for strategic issues, John Kirby. “The temperature is too high”but the tensions “it will be easy to downgrade if the Chinese stop these aggressive military exercises”he estimated.

Japan has expressed a formal diplomatic protest against Beijing, which believes that five of the Chinese missiles fell within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ). These maneuvers “a serious problem that affects our national security and our citizens”Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said: “We call for the immediate cessation of military exercises. » In Tokyo, the last stage of his amazing Asian tour, MME Pelosi admitted that the United States “will not allow” China to separate Taiwan. This tour of the region “It is not intended to change the status quo here in Asia, to change the status quo in Taiwan”he assured.

Taiwan calls China ‘malicious neighbor’

On Thursday, the official news agency of New China reported, the People’s Liberation Army “flew more than a hundred warplanes, including fighters and bombers”in the same way “more than ten destroyers and frigates”. State broadcaster CCTV claimed that Chinese missiles had landed over Taiwan for the first time.

The Taipei Defense Ministry, however, did not confirm the trajectory of the projectiles, “It is considered that the main purpose of launching the CCP missiles [Parti communiste chinois] is to intimidate us and to protect the military’s intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities”according to a press release. “We did not expect the evil neighbor to show his power at our door, and arbitrarily endanger the world’s busiest waterways with his military exercises”Taiwan’s Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang told reporters.

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