Tomorrow is here: what awaits you in episode 1244 on Thursday August 4, 2022 [SPOILERS] – TV News Series

In the next episode of “Tomorrow is ours”… While a hiker finds Cédric, Sara and Roxane decide to live with Bart. For their part, Judith and Jordan grew close.


Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow belong to us broadcast tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Thursday August 4 Tomorrow is ours…


Cédric Diallo has been missing since Tuesday night and his cell phone is no longer restricted. Samuel is convinced that the father of the family deliberately gave the beta-blockers to Anne-Marie. Since Diallo was an experienced nurse, this could not have been an accident. The doctor also believes that what happened to Victoire’s grandmother is connected to what is happening now at the stud farm. However, there is no evidence so far that the two cases are related. Until the police found him, they knew nothing.

Meanwhile, Commander Constant and his men investigate Cédric’s disappearance and search the Diallo-Lopez house. As Damien found a leaflet from the Terres Blanches estate on the kitchen worktop, Angie explained that they went there as a family three weeks ago for a walk.

Back at the police station, Martin questions Paul who confirms that Cédric is one of his clients. According to him, he would have come to the White Lands three or four times. A first time last month with his children then alone to hike the road in the garrigue. That’s when the first shooting broke out.

When Commander Constant thought that several times the order came to find him, Georges showed that it was impossible. According to the boundaries of his phone, Cédric was not at the stud on the day of the fire or during the shooting of the trail. Therefore, the police have nothing concrete to implicate Cédric in the attempt to kill Anne-Marie and Samuel.

For his part, Cédric is lost in the middle of the scrubland. Being tired, he walked under the burning sun and kept looking behind him as if he wanted to escape from someone. For her part, Angie is worried that her father has abandoned them. It must be said that since his breakup with Noor, Cédric has not been well. Despite everything, Jahia and Lilian tried to reassure their younger sister.

Not far away, Martin goes to the hospital to question Noor who informs them that he doesn’t believe Cedric would make such a mistake. Besides, she doesn’t believe that her ex-boyfriend disappeared for no reason. Although Cedric and Samuel had argued before, it did not mean that the nurse wanted to kill him.

At the end of the day, a hiker found the body of a man in the scrubland near Marseillan and the description matched that of Cédric Diallo. Immediately, Martin went there. Cédric is unconscious but alive!


After a night of calling, Sara came home to find her wife sleeping on an inflatable mattress on the patio. After all, Roxane couldn’t stand the strong smell of the house.

Not to mention sleeping apart for seven months, Sara knew very well that they had to find a solution. While they were talking, Roxane was disturbed by the smells of barbecue coming from the neighbors’ garden. To the side, he shouted through the low wall that separated them that they had no right to cook smelly things.

Afterwards, Sara goes to Spoon and confides in Bart. The latter suggested that they stay with him for a few weeks. This way, Bart can support them and live through this pregnancy with them. Although enthusiastic about this idea, Sara is unfortunately not the only decision maker. However, Bart knows he can find the right arguments to convince Roxane. And it’s finally simpler than expected then he immediately agreed.


Emma panicked because she had no news from Milan. Because tonight was their Beach Party, he was afraid to let them go. She was sure to fall for her friend, Camille had no doubt that she would attend.

For her part, Judith struggled to mourn Noa. Faced with her grief, Jordan encouraged her to turn the page and move on. To change her mind, he invites her to a pink party organized in a straw hut. Although she was in no mood to party, Judith allowed herself to be seduced after Roussel’s son promised to wear all pink.

In the afternoon, Milan arrived at the hut a little late. To be heard, the young man brought a bottle of champagne. A few minutes later, the party was full. Once, Camille decides to have fun without drinking a drop of alcohol, which impresses Dorian.

At the same time, Judith and Jordan are especially conniving.

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