This Thursday morning, the PS5 is in stock (very limited) from 169 euros🔥

The PS5 will be back in stock on Thursday, August 4 from 10am. An excellent opportunity for people who want to (finally) get their hands on it.

The PS5 is back in stock on Thursday, August 4 at operator SFR. From 10am, you can get your hands on it if you’re there first. In fact, almost two years after its release, it is still difficult to find stock of the PlayStation 5. This sale organized by SFR is therefore an excellent opportunity for those who are still looking for it.

Also, the stock is quite limited, it is necessary, as usual, to show an unfailing reaction. As a reminder, this is not the first PS5 sale of this kind launched by SFR as we already had a few in the months of April and June. Thus, the PS5 is available from 169 euros.

Additionally, it has not one but two DualSense controllers. Note that the digital version, without the disk drive, is also in stock from 69 euros. The stock of the latter should last a little longer than the PS5 Standard, which is undoubtedly the most desirable version.

I will buy a PS5

Concretely, this SFR sale is an excellent opportunity to get for those who want to buy PS5 and get it right away. To take advantage of this, there is only one condition to be respected, which is to obtain a subscription to SFR Fiber and commit to a period of 24 months. A perfect combo that will allow you to take advantage of the power of the PS5 and play online at its best, with the speed of SFR Fiber.

Why choose PS5 with SFR Fiber?

As we said, it is very difficult to find PS5 in stock. In fact, even in physical stores or online, the Sony console has been out of stock since the launch in November 2020. Thanks to this flash sale organized by SFR, you have a great chance to walk away with it.

The fact that you have to take out a Fiber subscription, and therefore be eligible (which is not for everyone) therefore leaves you theoretically more likely to buy it. Also, once you arrive at the sales page, even if the stock seems tired, we advise you to try again a few minutes, or even a few hours later. Sometimes the operator sells the PS5 in waves to prevent its site from being taken.

In fact, this PS5 sale on the official SFR website allows you to spread the payment over 24 months. You don’t have to pay 499.99 euros at once. You only pay 69 euros for the digital PS5 or 169 euros for the standard PS5 and have, as a reminder, two DualSense controllers.

Remember that even if this SFR sale allows you to buy PlayStation 5 Digital or Standard for 69 euros / 169 euros (+8 euros per month for 24 months), there is no 100% guarantee that you can put the money in above it.

Also, after making the calculations, it is interesting because the digital PS5 costs 261 euros and the standard 361 euros. Which is cheaper than the recommended price of 399.99 / 499.99 euros. So you can save 138 euros by getting it through this SFR deal. Simply the best deal on the market.

Keep in mind that the PS5 is one of the most powerful game consoles released so far. The latter embeds an NVme SSD that ensures high performance. The engine supports 4K and 8K definitions. It can run some titles at 120 FPS without flinching, and natively supports Ray Tracing technology.

The details of the offer

As you understand, you have to subscribe to the SFR fiber box to hope to have the PS5. The SFR Fiber Premium formula is more accurate at a special rate of 42 euros per month for 12 months then 60 euros per month after this period. In general, this is an attractive offer because it allows you to enjoy excellent speed, ideal for playing on PS5.

In addition to the internet part, this subscription gives you the possibility to benefit from fixed telephony as well as a bouquet of TV channels. As for the performance offered by SFR Fiber, you have a speed of 8 Gb/s for download and 1 Gb/s for upload. For telephony, you benefit from unlimited calls. For TV, you have 200 channels with a decoder compatible with 4K.

Note that this is the offer that includes the SFR Box 8X, which embeds WiFi 6 (up to 8 Gb/s) and allows you to enjoy your content in 4K HDR, Dolby vision, and which combines of the voice assistant Alexa and OK SFR. This is simply one of the best boxes available on the French market.

As at the time of the last sale, SFR has relatively little stock. To validate your order, you must first check and confirm your eligibility for fiber with the operator. Due to the enthusiasm that the PlayStation 5 aroused in the public, we recommend that you do not wait long and act quickly because it is a safe bet that the flash sale will be taken by storm from the first minutes.

To take advantage of SFR’s PS5 offer, here it is:

I will buy a PS5

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