This is where it all begins: what awaits you in episode 459 on Friday August 5, 2022 [SPOILERS] – TV News Series

In the next episode of “This is where it all started” … While Swan and in the crosshairs of the police, Charlène and Louis win their case. At the same time, Solal confronted his parents.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers of the episode of Here it all starts broadcasting tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Friday, August 5th This is where it all begins…


Anaïs, Greg and Eliott are concerned. In fact, they had no news about Salome. Because she is afraid that Swan has kidnapped her, Anaïs wants to warn the police but Greg and Eliott think that they slept late. So they advised him to wait until the afternoon to worry.

The Swan and Salomé sleep under the stars. In no hurry to return, they decided to have some more fun. Returning to her phone, Salomé’s smile immediately disappeared when she saw several messages from Anaïs. Enraged, the young woman ends up telling the one she loves that her friends suspect her of attacking Enzo. Although stunned, Swan immediately assumes that Chef Cardone intends to frame him for revenge for sabotaging his dessert in the previous attempt.

On the other hand, the jury will announce the result of the third round and Chef Delobel, who got the first place, scored three points. Chef Teyssier took second place, followed by chef Demir and chef Cardone.

For the fourth and final test, the participants had to create a showpiece. So the jury expects quantity, originality and technique.

Afterwards, Enzo had a hard time concentrating in the kitchen. As she had her suspenders removed by Chief Teyssier, she told him that she had been attacked. Suspecting Swan seriously, Emmanuel called the chiefs Cardone, Delobel and Demir to tell them the situation. To take no risk, everyone agreed to inform the police.

On the way home, Salomé and Swan see a police car in front of the Beaumont Hotel. And for Salomé, they must be there to stop Swan.


Louis and Charlène took pictures of themselves at the pop-up restaurant for their social networks. Seeing them doing this, Hortense calls them to clean everything up before asking them to leave. In fact, the young woman believed that they were the source of the negative comments and wanted to embarrass them in order to get the pop-up back.

Later, Charlène and Louis posted a story on social networks and posed as chefs at the pop-up restaurant. Hortense, who doesn’t want to let it go, wants to talk to chef Armand about it, but her boyfriend advises her against it. Their menu is strong and their dishes on top, Mehdi is sure that customers will eventually return.

In the afternoon, Clotilde goes to the pop-up to stock up. While there was a slight increase in bookings, it was far from what he expected from his students. As Hortense accuses Charlène and Louis of throwing away their work, Clotilde reminds her that the pop-up is her responsibility and she can’t always blame them. When Mehdi asks her to give them time, Clotilde replies that she needs to think.

Afterwards, Louis and Charlène try to convince Clotilde to put them in charge of the pop-up. As long as they have many subscribers to the networks willing to move to see them, chef Armand accepts. Then the couple quickly made up a story to share the good news.


At the institute, Rose and Clotilde meet Lya and Édouard. The latter is always ready to support the institute financially, the two sisters want to clarify a point with them before accepting anything. In fact, chef Armand wondered how much their contribution was when Solal entered their establishment. Then Édouard and Lya replied that they have confidence in their son and are convinced that he can pass the entrance exam. On the other hand, they want the discussion back on the carpet if their child fails.

Later, Rose and Clotilde have coffee on the terrace of double A and talk about the master. Rose wants to contact the institute’s lawyer to make sure everything goes smoothly if Solal’s parents choose to donate through their foundation. However, Clotilde hesitated because the Fayets did not answer the question of whether their help was dependent on their son entering the institute. As long as Solal is not included in the list of those admitted, chef Armand prefers to remain cautious. On her part, Rose is already planning to give the young man a little motivation in case he misses his entrance exam. A discussion that did not escape Jasmine.

Back in the kitchen, Jasmine reveals to Solal that her parents are trying to buy her place at the institute. However, the latter does not want help from his parents and even more does not pass for a big motivation. Without waiting, he faced them. Not to mention that their antics are influencing the jury and having a free pass, he calls them out.

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