The French U18 men’s team lost their breath against Slovenia in the EuroBasket quarter-finals

The French U18 men’s team lost in the quarter-finals of the EuroBasket against Slovenia (57-58) after a game played in the last seconds. After flying at the beginning of the competition, the people of Lamine Kebe fell from above. They can still qualify for the U19 World Cup.

  • The French U18 men’s team missed the mark against Slovenia and lost in the last moments (57-58) in the quarter-finals of the EuroBasket U18. So Lamine Kebe’s men stopped at the gates of the semi-finals. If the trap set by the Slovenian formation seemed to fail in the first half, the French team showed enough in the second and fought against a Slovenian team with the merit of never letting go.

If from the first minutes, the debates proved to be balanced (7-7, 4′), the Blueberries put a little motivation to take the lead and passed 10-0 to the Slovenians, who rode the horse first and second quarter. to lead 10 units (17-7, 12′). Slovenia tried to respond but the French team continued their momentum, without being more offensive than in previous games, and returned to the locker room with a small lead (31-16, 20′).

Back on the floor, the Bleuets were overtaken by the Slovenians who returned the ball well and relied on their fundamentals. In the end, France conceded 10-0 allowing their opponents of the day to get closer (31-26, 24′). Throughout the third quarter, the French team did not respond and suffered Slovenian attacks (10-23 in the quarter and 41-39, 30′). In the last action, the tricolors and Slovenes surrendered blow for blow but with thirty seconds left, the path of the force of Sidy Cissoko followed by an award-winning basket from the Slovenian player Nal Belko, shook France, who found themselves leading by six seconds from the siren (57-58). In the end the match point ended in a poorly negotiated possession, like the second half of the Bleuets, chaotic and insufficient with a total of 22 loss of balls and a hungry address behind the arc (3/19).

U19 World Goal

The France U18 team must return to order and quickly, from the classification games, from Saturday if it wants to win a place at the U19 World Cup in Debrecen in 2023. To achieve this, it must win twice and thus finished fifth.

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August 4, 2022 at 2:37 am

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