Resident Evil 9: title, locations and characters, a potential leak tells us more

Game News Resident Evil 9: title, locations and characters, a potential leak tells us more

Resident Evil 9 is very likely in development, although Capcom has not yet confirmed anything: it must be said that after the end of Resident Evil Village, itself the sequel to Resident Evil VII, everyone is impatiently waiting for a new section for this. unpublished trilogy. A large leak published on 4chan revealed potential first information.

Resident Evil Apocalypse?

It goes without saying that with Resident Evil VII and the sequel Resident Evil Village, the saga has been revived and the scenario clearly shows that a new game is in preparation for the end ( ?) in this new trilogy. First of all, Capcom’s plans are apparently for the anticipated remake of Resident Evil 4, but the first rumors about Resident Evil 9 have started to hatch.

The latest so far has been released on 4chan, plus archived by moderators. We remember that this pattern has already happened for the previous opus, the leak then contains a ton of honest information (and the same is true for Resident Evil 7). However, this should be taken with a grain of salt.although the author of the leak claims to be 100% sure of the following details.

The game will then be called – maybe inside – Resident Evil Apocalypsewith the possibility that the word Moon was mixed into the final title or the jacket. The plot takes place in a Western ghost town inhabited by mythical monsters, such as goats and wendigos, and revolve around the nine full moons that one of the characters wishes for. The frame will include various decorations such as caves, a river, a small town and even a campsite.

The occult, a theme already present in Resident Evil Village

You probably understand this, but the occultism that Resident Evil Village already picked up is carried over here and strengthened even more. For example, some enemies can now assume human form, posing as friendly NPCs before attacking. The information will prove to have been broadcast by another leaker before.

The freak is back

Resident Evil 9: title, locations and characters, a potential leak tells us more

Mother Miranda in Resident Evil Village

The leak also tells us more about some characters and enemies. First of all, the main antagonist will once again be a woman, named Glaistig and wears a green dress, covered with golden elements, and resembles a witch. Something that reminds Mother Miranda of the previous adventure: this mysterious Glaistig acts as a recurring enemy, like Nemessis, Mr. X or Lady Dimitrescu.

A new character will also be introduced, viz Hulder, a woman who can also be a biological weapon and who helps the player as a main guide. In addition, the merchant of the Village, the Duke, will sign his return in this new adventure, whilean important character in the saga appears for the last time.

Resident Evil 9: title, locations and characters, a potential leak tells us more

Varvolac Alfa, a fearsome werewolf in Resident Evil Village

This Resident Evil Apocalypse will also offer many bosses including the Barghest, a “giant black dog” that chases the protagonist from house to house. Note that the idea of ​​horror and horror is always present, along with the ability to barricade themselves in a room to slow down attackers.

Any clues in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil 9: title, locations and characters, a potential leak tells us more

together, a vehicle discovered in Resident Evil Village will support this potentially massive leak : its license plate exactly matches the previous information. Thus, “NX” refer to “next”, “23” in the year 2023 and “Grandpa” to “Apocalypse”, which is the assumed name of the game.

Note that the release year of 2023 is no longer relevant due to Resident Evil 4 which, according to rumors, will be released in 2022 before being posted to next January. Unless it’s the 2023 fiscal year, which ends in 2024…

Again, everything should not be taken at face value and not easily carried away. However, Capcom is always subject to leaks and even without mentioning RE7 and Village, the remake of Resident Evil 4 also leaked on the web several times before its announcement. So we will not be surprised if the current case proves to be true, or at least in part.

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