NO MORE. Dancing with the stars 2022: a famous singer joins the cast

The cast of season 12 of Dancing with the stars has become clearer. According to information from your magazine Closer – on newsstands this Friday, August 5 – an international singer is still available!

The gimmick of Dance with the stars echoed in our heads at the mere mention of the show’s name. In a few weeks, all TF1 viewers will be thinking about it. And for good reason, the private channel delivers started the twelfth season of his popular dance competition. But like every year, all eyes are on the cast. Will it live up to the expectations of DALS enthusiasts or not? If this edition is released in mid-September or early October, TF1 has formalized the names of the first participants. Therefore, we can find on the dance floor personalities like Florent Peyre, David Douillet, Billy Crawford or the influencer Lea Elui.

But your magazine Closer – which appears this Friday, August 5 – may prompt you for another name. He is a famous international singer. Do you have an idea? In a few weeks, Anggun walk on the floor of Dance with the stars ! While our colleagues from Parisian announcing his presence, we can certainly confirm his participation. At the same time, the channel is still trying to convince two more international stars. As announced by Clément Garin, the hero of the series Malcolm, Frankie Muniz is in advanced negotiations with the production. According to our information, it is also the case of the star of Mom I miss the planeMacaulay Culkin.

Change within Dancing with the Stars

This twelfth edition of Dance with the stars is in all the changes. Even the judges and even the dancers! Exit Denitsa Ikonomova and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Chris Marques and François Alu will now be surrounded by star dancer Marie-Agnès Gillot and singer and last season’s finalist, Bilal Hassani. Also on the side of professional dancers, a good number of departures – voluntary or not – can be counted. This is the case of Denitsa Ikonomova who no longer continues her role on the dance floor, but also of Coralie Licata, Maxime Dereymez or even Christian Millette. Fauve Hautot, Christophe Licata, Inès Vandamme or even Elsa Bois should always be there.

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2/12 –

Billy Crawford
In the last few weeks, TF1 made official the names of some Dance with the Stars candidates, such as Billy Crawford

© Stéphane Lemouton

3/12 –

David Douillet
The audience will also see Olympic champion and former minister David Douillet on the dance floor.


4/12 –

Florent Peyre
Comedian Florent Peyre was also present


5/12 –

Scott Morton and Lea Elui
This is also the case of the influencer Léa Elui who will set foot on the parquet floor of DALS

© Bruno Bébert

6/12 –

According to your magazine Closer – which will be published this Friday August 5 -, Anggun will also appear in the cast of Dancing with the stars.


7/12 –

While our colleagues from Parisian announced the presence of Anggun, we have indeed confirmed his participation.

© Backgrid USA

8/12 –

Macaulay Culkin
Also according to our information, the star of Mom, I miss the plane, Macaulay Culkin is in negotiations to do Dancing with the stars


9/12 –

Denitsa Ikonomova
On the other hand, there are changes in Dancing with the stars, so Denitsa Ikonomova is no longer a judge or even a dancer.

© Jack Tribeca

10/12 –

Bilal Hassani
Chris Marques and François Alu will now be surrounded by prima ballerina Marie-Agnès Gillot and last season’s singer and finalist, Bilal Hassani

© Denis Guignebourg

11/12 –

Maxime Dereymez
Many departures – voluntary or not – must also be accounted for by dancers, such as Coralie Licata, Maxime Dereymez or Christian Millette


12/12 –

Fauve Hautot
Fauve Hautot, Christophe Licata, Inès Vandamme or even Elsa Bois, they must sign up again for this season 12 of Dancing with the stars

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