Lidl: the famous sign pinned for misleading and misleading advertising in this region!

To encourage consumers to go and buy in its stores, Lidl creates a clumsy communication. In this, the brand claims to offer less than its competitor Tesco. This prompted the Aldi group to file a complaint, accusing the German giant false advertising. Lidl still defended itself, but did not escape punishment. The details are through these few lines.

Inflation is in full swing

Product prices continue to rise in European countries. France is no exception. In fact, the health crisis added to the current context is making the lives of the French people especially complicated. Reason why, the latter secure their backs, by looking for every way to save money.

It goes through the food products they buy at discount stores. They just don’t always choose partners the best value for moneybut also go to stores with the cheapest prices.

As far as they know, brands know that they are must always change to retain their customers. The truth is that a price war has been raging for the past few months. To stand out, you need to have more than one trick up your sleeve. When Leclerc revealed his anti-inflation shield, Lidl offered him a huge discount on some of his products.

False advertising by Lidl

Known as the king of bargains, Lidl does it despite inflation. Recently, the brand has launched two ads that have delighted customers. It says that consumers can significant savings by buying from the German giant. An attractive offer that nevertheless worried him.

In fact, in one of the ads, Lidl claims that by shopping in its stores, consumers can save more than 35% compared to Tesco. Which is wrong. Also, the ads are not specific enough. They do not adequately display the products concerned, which is the Scottish-themed range. This prompted the Advertising Standards Authority to issue an official press release.

“We consider that consumers (in Scotland) are likely to have a wider understanding of the savings associated with the price differences offered by the two supermarkets, rather than just being specific to the basket of items for example, and the same that level of savings. can be achieved more widely. Usually in a typical weekly shop,” he said.

This is before adding:

“Since we have not seen evidence that this general level of savings is generally achieved, we consider the advertisements likely to be misleading. »

In its defense, the German giant explained that it was talking about a selection of products and not all. Something that, according to the chain of stores, is fully understood by customers. For information, misleading advertisements can lead to serious penalties. According to the law, the author will receive a sentence from up to 2 years imprisonment.

This is not a first for Lidl

As Aldi, Lidl and Tesco often compare their prices, this kind of situation happens all the time. This was particularly the case in the United Kingdom about three years ago. whileprice fight angry, Tesco said in an ad, offers cheaper than Lidl and Aldi.

An ad that didn’t last long because it was deemed inaccurate. In fact, the sign does not clearly indicate the references involved. This is justice took over the case and issued a broadcast ban. Same story in 2016. That year, Aldi said that by shopping in its stores, customers can save a lot.

It claims to offer cheaper products than competitors Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. The affair turned sour very quickly and had the same ending in 2019. In other words, ad is prohibited. Note that a recent study shows that more and more consumers are turning to discounts.

Their goal is to save as much as possible in a context where the cost of living constant increase. A boon for Lidl stores and its competitors.

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