Leclerc anti-inflation shield: extension and discontent

Since inflation threatens everyday purchasing power, Leclerc, who wants to lower land prices, launched the anti-inflation shield at on May 04, 2022 and which was originally scheduled which ends on July 31 2022. This operation is postponed until December 04, 2022 to continue to help consumers maintain their purchasing power. To take advantage of the offer, simply download the list of 230 products covered by the Leclerc anti-inflation shield at Then head to your nearest Leclerc store or drive-thru to shop.

As of May 4, 2022, the brand Leclerc any price increase on the 120 most purchased products per day is systematically paid in vouchers. This comes in the form of jackpots on buyers’ loyalty cards. You can search until December 04, 2022 230 products.
The products on the anti-inflation shield list at concern national brands as well as brands, and include references such as:

  • Hygiene products and detergents
  • Drinks
  • Fresh and early products (charcuterie, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, fish, ready meals, etc.)
  • Grocery
  • DIY, gardening and pet shop
  • Back to School

Note that this operation is valid in all the physical points of sale of E.Leclerc as well as driving the brand, with the aim of always keeping the cheapest and limiting price increases. By including it in your store, do not forget to take advantage of other offers as well, such as fuel at Leclerc prices as well as the Tour of our Leclerc game regions.

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How to take advantage of the Leclerc anti-inflation shield at

An E.Leclerc loyalty card is required to benefit from this offer. If you don’t have one yet, request yours now by registering for free on the brand’s website. Once you have your card,

  • Please click on the “I’m taking advantage of a great plan” banner below to access the offer page.
  • Consult and download the list of products concerned by clicking on the dedicated buttons.
  • Make your purchases at your Leclerc store or online between May 4 and December 04, 2022 inclusive.
  • When you pay for your purchase, show your E.Leclerc card to the cashier.
  • If there is an increase in the price of the products concerned (within 5 similar products per household and per day), the vouchers will be placed directly on the E.Leclerc tickets.

Please note that E.Leclerc tickets can be combined with your loyalty card and are valid for 14 months from the date after their receipt. Exceed this time, they will be automatically deleted.
You can use it for all your purchases at E.Leclerc centers. If the value of your basket is less than the total value of your vouchers, there will be no change.

Why are some consumers unhappy with this inflation shield?

We did not miss some comments on social networks about the anti-inflation shield offered by the Leclerc brand. In fact, we have seen ridiculous reductions of a few euro cents on receipts of more than 200 €.

In fact, Leclerc has created a list of 230 products from the brand names that are most used in its stores. Again, these products should be used in more than 10,000 items that each store has on average. So it’s no surprise that some consumers are seeing very few rewards on their loyalty card.

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