Jacques Mourre is in serious condition (Detailed summary of episode 947)

“Un Si Grand Soleil” in advance and in preview with a complete and detailed summary of episode 947 on Tuesday August 9, 2022 As France 2 prepares to broadcast an extraordinary bonus tonight that consists of 6 new episodes, we will continue to prioritize the intrigues that are ongoing. The following Tuesday, Marc learned the terrible news, and Louis decided to leave his father’s house.


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Un Si Grand Soleil Summary in advance episodes 947 on Tuesday August 9, 2022

Claudine deploys her strategy to lure Alain into her nets

Claudine Becker returns to the scene of the “accident” and does her little investigation. He talked to a manager from the hotel across the street, and he saw everything. He even revealed some interesting things to her that he was willing to reveal in court. The manager certified to Claudine that Blamont only broke his face, and he was never hit by Alain Alphand’s car. And when the latter tried to help him, Blamont insulted him.

Master Becker advises Serge Levars that his client is a scoundrel. The lawyer had no choice but to submit a request for consent to avoid 5 years in prison with Blamont and a fine of 45,000 euros. But the latter must pay damages.

Claudine deploys her strategy to make Alain fall into her net. He made the latter believe that in order to finish this story quickly, he should file a complaint against Blamont for perjury and fraud. In fact, it is a long process. So Claudine suggested to Alain that they meet that same night to determine the amount of damages. Alain informs Elisabeth that he will be home late, as he has to settle the details with Claudine. Elisabeth was not fooled and did not trust her lawyer.

Alain finds himself drawn into a dangerous situation with Claudine. He met his lawyer at the agreed time in an intimate and chic bar. He convinces her not to let her drink alone. Claudine got up to order. She wore a short black dress with an open back that revealed her perfect body. Alain chats casually with Claudine about his life in particular and not about his business. And when he came home for a long time, Elisabeth welcomed him.


Jacques’ injuries are serious

Myriam is angry with Elisabeth for filing a complaint against Jacques without asking her opinion. The business woman tries to iron out the tensions between them and asks him to forget this story to get back to work. Myriam then receives a call from Marc telling her some terrible news. His father had a serious car accident.

At the hospital, Louis, Marc and Leonor are feverish and waiting for news from Jacques. Janet tells Marc that her father has a severe head injury and internal bleeding. Jacques is now in the operating room. Louis imagined the worst and cried in Leonor’s arms.

Marc feels guilty for yelling at his father and telling him that he never wants to see him again when he should have supported him. He couldn’t get it out of his mind that if L Cosmétiques hadn’t filed a complaint, he wouldn’t be here today.

Marc did not understand what happened. A police investigation has been opened. Elise explained to Marc that her father’s car was checked by PTS (technical and scientific police) technicians. He then informed her that no trace of alcohol, drugs or medication was found in his blood. Moreover, the medical report shows that he does not have any brain or heart disease. Elise was there when Jacques came out with his accusation. He looked very sad. Elise asserts that he may have tried to kill himself.

Louis made his mother listen to the message his grandfather left him. A farewell message. Louis is angry with Marc and Myriam. He is responsible for what happened to his grandfather. When Louis returns to his father, he scolds the latter for not supporting his grandfather when he needed it and then he scolds Myriam for filing a complaint against him. Marc stood up for his partner, because it was his company that filed the complaint. But Louis was blinded by his grief, and refused to listen to it. He tells Marc and Myriam that he hopes they never have children and leaves to pack his bags.

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