Controversy did not increase with Veretout’s arrival

Jordan Veretout will definitely be tracked by Olympique de Marseille. Asked about this, Pablo Longoria does not seem to be affected by the controversy that exists around the player.

For several weeks, the name of Jordan Veretout has been circulating at Olympique de Marseille. However, supporters have brought a court case regarding the midfielder allegedly paying legal fees to his wife’s father, who is accused of incest pedophilia.

Some Marseille supporters will not fly

The moral accusation of this accusation provoked the supporters of Olympique de Marseille who did not know this player. On social networks, they did not hesitate to show their dissatisfaction with this track towards the AS Roma player.

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So Pablo Longoria made a point about this topic in a press conference (see below) but the controversy was not empty. On the contrary, the statements of the OM president are still burning the powder.

A rumor, social networks… Is it morally acceptable? — Longoria

In a press conference this Wednesday for the presentation of Jonathan Clauss, Ruben Blanco, Nuno Tavares and Luis Suarez, Pablo Longoria was also asked about the follow-up of the recruitment of Olympique de Marseille and especially about the bad buzz around in possible arrival. by Jordan Veretout.

“Veretout, will he be destroyed? I can also make assumptions about things… Naturally in life, you have to have values. A rumor, social networks… Is it morally acceptable? We are happy with our Mercato. We have more players than we need, we want to have 22 players with 2 goalkeepers. We need players. You also need to get out some. Others are getting closer… It’s open until 31/08. Veretout is a high-level player. Alexis Sanchez, you have to look at his history, he won in all the countries where he played… They are players who have contracts with other clubs and we have to respect them” Pablo Longoria – Source: Press conference (03/08/22)

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