Club: Game system, Mbappé, Renato, Ramos, physical preparation, etc., the complete Galtier conference before Clermont / PSG

Christophe Galtier in good form appeared in front of the press two days before the start of Ligue 1. If in the end he hardly mentioned the match, he nevertheless swept the whole news of PSG: the return of Mbappé , the arrival of Renato Sanches, his relationship with Sergio Ramos, the system of the game in Paris, physical preparation, and more. Here are his words, in full.

How will the game system you put in place help you against teams that have a habit of faltering against PSG?

“This system makes it possible to attack numbers, and can, and should, make it possible to get the right balance to avoid these famous changes”

“You can feel, when you play 3 or 5 at the back, that it’s a defensive system. I think it’s the opposite. It’s a system that allows us to have more players in high and offensive positions . Very high piston and a lot of people inside the game and in the opponent’s box. I repeat that we always see this system above all defensively, but no no, we notice that at the highest level, more and more teams use it . It allows to attack in quantity, and can, and should, allow to provide a fair balance to avoid these famous changes. When you face PSG, you are always improving in transition. This system, used in different animations, makes it easier to get the ball and has the right balance to avoid transitions and recover the ball as quickly as possible. »

You will find Kylian Mbappé against Clermont and therefore be able to change the trio with Neymar and Lionel Messi. What is the key to solving the balance problem observed over time in their presence, especially at the highest level? Is it a problem of behavior or environment (system, attitude or profile of partners)?
“Well, it’s a pleasure, and we’re all very happy to have Kylian back for this championship match. (Embarrassed by the noise, Galtier paused: “They moved to the right? No problem! Sorry, this is the first…”). Kylian is also very happy to return to the competition after playing less during the preparation. Regarding this balance linked to defensive withdrawal, it is first of all a collective desire and also an individual responsibility. There are close and closed periods in the matches, where the team has not yet taken the lead or managed to widen the gap to the opponent.

“We have to be very careful not to give the opponent chances to run us up and down”

We must remain vigilant not to give the opponent a chance to run us up and down. This is a collective priority, but also an individual responsibility for everyone. I believe that when you have a partner who makes an effort, it is contagious. This encourages others to make the same effort. It is necessary to remain attentive and strict at this point as long as the game is not taken. After all, there can be moments in a match, and this is one of the responsibilities of our midfielders, to accept that in attacks or periods of play, we end up with attackers or one or even both piston struggling to come back to defend. This is why we must have the will to accept that we all have to defend together, but that sometimes those who should first try to recover the ball can go through pressure or react to defeat. There it is necessary to save time to allow the player or even the removed player(s) to return to the team block. »

What has satisfied you the most this pre-season?
“The seriousness and the state of mind. The team is serious and the state of mind is good. The players are very available and focused in the training sessions. They participate in the preparation of the matches and in the implementation of this system that I want to install. There are many exchanges, video work with corrections and improvements. They also have ideas to give, so you should listen to them. At this point, it’s interesting on a daily basis work. Almost the whole group does all the sessions. »

We know that Renato Sanches is expected soon. You know him well for directing him to Lille. What do you expect from him in Paris?

“Renato is a player with qualities that no one else has”

“Yes, Renato will come this afternoon. He is a player with qualities that no one else has. If I compare him to Marco (Verratti), Viti (Vitinha) or even Danilo (Pereira), he is a different player. It’s very explosive and punchy, with impact. There is this opportunity in the market, to get a player who knows the French championship and the very high level. We obviously took advantage of this opportunity. Renato has to integrate because he arrived a little late. I think he didn’t play at all during the preparation, because he was waiting for a transfer, so he will be late. We will not risk him. But Renato is a completely different player because of his explosiveness and his ability to destroy the lines in the middle, as well as to catch shots in defense. »

Can you describe to us how group physical preparation works. And when the peak of form you wanted to reach this year was reversed by the cut linked to the World Cup?
“With the medical staff, the performance cell and my physical trainers, with whom I have been used to working for many years, we did not go until the meditation in group form on November 13. We are in a meditation every week. We make sure to have a weekly framework with specific loads every day, while including a lot of technical and tactical work. Of course we have to air it all once we get into the three game weeks, and God knows it will happen quickly and there will be a lot of it. In addition to this workload and the number of matches to be played, there is the importance of the data we will have on the state of each other’s form.

“I don’t like the term rotation, but there is always competition”

We want to have a workforce that always makes PSG very efficient, whether with Pierre, Paul or Jacques. It doesn’t matter who is on the field. We worked a lot with the sports management and our president to have a not too big and large workforce, but with very good players. We have to manage (smile), and also save on a physical level. I don’t really like the term rotation, but there is always competition. A player’s performance will always be highlighted. It is necessary to change the season and from game to game so that everyone can do well and to lose as few players as possible until November 13. What happens next? Let’s see, there is also a winter transfer window. Let’s see what happens then. »

We talked a lot about you and PSG. Are you not in a hurry to fight it, to enter this Ligue 1 season?
“Obviously, we do this job to be competitive and emotional. We live for the competition and currently lacking. I want to return to this championship as much as possible. There is always, maybe not excitement, but a real desire to enters the competition. When PSG travels, the stadiums are full, and it is always a game of the season for many teams. This causes you to be in difficulty. This is also PSG’s training. But there is this desire to discover all this by my side. »

Many of your French colleagues said they were happy for you, such as Philippe Montanier and Antoine Kombouaré. Does it put more pressure on your shoulders?
“I read my colleagues, especially the French, although the foreigners also express themselves. It is a pleasure. I make sure that I am very supportive of my colleagues because our work is very difficult. Usually, when the a coach, French or not, will struggle or ride, he will receive a message from me. I know it is a difficult job and it can happen to me. But as I said, I and do not want to be ambassador of the French coaches. I am the coach of PSG, I accept with pleasure a mission entrusted to me, but that’s all. I am at the head of a wonderful team, in a good club that is very exposed. Happy I am very much about it and receive marks of support with joy, but it should stop there. Especially when I face them, they want to beat me (smile). »

Sergio Ramos played very little last year but came from a fully prepared tour. Do you consider him a locker room manager?

“Sergio is one of the executives in the locker room”

“(Galtier took a few seconds before answering) Sergio is about the executives in the locker room. I usually, with this player profile, and whether he plays or not, he brings you what is needed at a very high level. You cannot play 800 games, win X trophies and X times in the Champions League without being exemplary, demanding and very professional. So, automatically, Sergio is part of the executives in the locker room. It occurred to me, at various clubs, that these executives did not play because of the better players and the competitive intensity. I always rely on this profile of players with a unique background, the experience of these executives and what they have to bring in terms of professionalism. They can also bring me answers through exchanges thanks to their experience.

You specifically talked to me about Sergio, who made a preparation where he didn’t miss any sessions, played a lot of matches and worked well. He sprained his quadriceps during the Champions Trophy. I asked him twice, because I knew, to know if he wanted to finish the game. He is hurt, but because he is a big competitor and hasn’t played much so far, he wants to finish the game to show that he is available and available this season. »

To conclude his press conference, Galtier talked about the transfer window, a part we treat separately:

Video replay of the press conference:

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