BREAKING NEWS in MotoGP: Andrea Dovizioso will not finish the season and we know the name of his replacement

Seeing the results so depressing that they began to precede his entire career, one wonders why Andrea Dovizioso continues to stubbornly ride a Yamaha M1 that he also keeps saying never. it suits him. A question that ended up being shared by the 36-year-old Italian who announced before the British Grand Prix this week that he would stop paying for the San Marino Grand Prix in Misano for a month. His replacement is known and we are replacing one veteran with another…

We took an oath Yamaha that this does not happen and Andrea Dovizioso almost offended when asked if it is reasonable to continue such a season, which the man concerned has already promised the end of his Grand Prix career. And yet, the evidence, like the cause, ends up imposing itself because it is now officially the former triple vice-champion of the MotoGP World, and every time in Ducati, goes to the end of this campaign. Thus, Andrea Dovizioso its 2022 season will not end Yamaha. He will retire from MotoGP after the Grand Prix of Misano. The pilot from Forlì, exactly one year after joining the project Yamaha, leaves home in three Diapasons of time. Before the summer break, he already expected the news that he will not be in the squad for 2023.

The English who heard this news in their land were also happy to know that this is the official test rider of Yamaha Cal Crutchlow who will be the replacement rider of the WithU Yamaha RNF MotoGP team for the remaining six races of the 2022 season.

In 2012, the experience with Iwata in MotoGP was very positive for me and since then I always thought that I would like, sooner or later, to have an official contract with Yamaha. Dovi commented. ” This possibility presented itself, in fact in a rather fortunate way, during 2021: I decided to try it because I firmly believe in this project and in the possibility of doing well. unfortunately, in recent years MotoGP has changed a lot, the situation has been very different since : I never felt comfortable on the bike and I could not fully exploit its potential, despite the valuable and continuous help of the team and the entire Yamaha factory “.

The results were negative, but more than that, I still consider it a very important experience in life: when there are many difficultiesyou must have the ability to manage the situation and your emotions “added to the teammate of the Darryn Binder. ” We did not achieve the desired goals, but the relationship with the Yamaha technicians and my team has always been positive and helpful, for them and for me. He remains loyal and professionally interesting even in the most critical moments. : it is not so clear that this will happen “.

Andrea Dovizioso: it didn’t happen the way we hoped, but it’s just trying

He finished: ” for all this and their support, I thank Yamaha, my RNF racing team, WithU and the other sponsors involved in the project. It didn’t turn out the way we hoped, but it’s just trying. My adventure will end in Misano, but the relationship with everyone involved in this challenge will remain forever. Thanks for everything “.

Yamaha boss in the yard Lin Jarvis done: I want to start by saying that, of course, we are all sorry that Andrea left this sport earlier than expected. He is a big name in MotoGP and he will be missed in the paddock. We considered ourselves very lucky last year when Andrea gave us his will to join our MotoGP program, after Franky joined the factory Yamaha team, creating the need for a replacement rider for the rest. in the 2021 season “.

His great skills, experience and approachable nature have made Yamaha and the RNF team very interesting. The project also includes the entire season of 2022. Unfortunately, Andrea struggled to get the maximum potential from the M1 and as a result the results were not there, which created understandable frustration for the Italian talent. Later, during the summer break, Dovi confirmed his desire to retire before the end of the season “.

After discussion, we agreed that Andrea will race her last race in Misano, her home Grand Prix. Naturally, Yamaha will continue to give Dovi their full support in the next three races. In the meantime, let’s enjoy these last GPs together, ready to celebrate the end of an amazing career in Misano “.

Andrea Dovizioso

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