AUTOPSIES OF THE STARS. Michel Berger, it was this last gentle gesture towards France Gall that killed him

Died 30 years ago at just 44 years old, Michel Berger left an indelible mark on the French musical landscape. But the tragedy could have been easily avoided…

His songs are cult, his lyrics are known to all French people and he is behind some of the most popular songs in French music. 30 years after his death, which happened on August 2, 1992, Michel Berger remains a musical icon, a master artist whose talent could have continued to develop and touch everyone around him if it had not been that tragic afternoon in Ramatuelle.

How did Michel Berger die?

it August 2 is a dangerous day , Michel Berger with his wife, France Gall, in the south of France in the Var, at his property in Ramatuelle. He recently played tennis on a sunny field against Marie-François Holtz, the partner of the journalist Gérard Holtz. When the game is over, the singer-songwriter retreats to the cool and shady area of ​​his home, where he heart attack who forever deprived France Gall of her husband, and her children Pauline and Raphaël of their father. He is only 44 years old. When the firefighters and emergency services, quickly called, arrived at the scene, Michel Berger is dead and no resuscitation or cardiac massage technique can revive him. According to Purepeople, that’s when the emergency services will tell France Gall the terrible sentence that everyone is afraid to hear: “We’re sorry, there’s nothing we can do“.

Why could his death have been avoided?

The tragic circumstances of Michel Berger’s death are not not always told in detail, although it seems clear that with a little more restraint, the composer could have survived his heart attack. The first thing to know is that at the time of his death, Michel Berger was very worried, busy with many important projects. First there the English adaptation of Starmania, but also the album recorded in duet with his wife France Gall, and about it there are many disputes. On the personal side, the family has been unavoidably worried since the diagnosis of their daughter Pauline, suffering from cystic fibrosis. But the holidays were there to relax him and allow him to have fun with his friends, the writer couple Holtz, but also his neighbor, Claude-Michel Schönberg.

The rest unfortunately did not last long, mainly because of the pain that Michel Berger felt in the chest. Gala explained it was during the tennis game that the singer began to suffer but, not wanting to worry his wife, he did not mention it to France Gall and contented himself with interrupting the tennis game and returning upstairs to the house. Hours passed and as he bathed, Michel Berger felt these strong chest pains again, was strong enough to convince him to speak to France Gall, who rushed to call the doctor. Lying in his bed, the composer of Starmania explains to the doctor: “My chest is beating, I don’t want to suffer again”. The doctor instead summons Samu, who is unfortunately too late.

Would Michel Berger have died if he had mentioned the pain in his chest from the beginning, while he was playing tennis with his friends? It’s a question we can’t really answer, but it might as well be a question France Gall asked herself years after her husband’s death. In fact, if he had warned him earlier, the singer could have called for help earlier and thus greatly improved Michel Berger’s chances of survival. Prompt management is an important factor in the treatment of cardiac arrests and can be decisive. Unfortunately, things are not like that, and the heart problems that the singer is suffering from may heal him sooner or later. On Sunday in France, his press secretary Grégoire Colard explained that Michel Berger suffers from cholesterol problems and does not think he will die old. An intuition that became true on this famous August 2, 1992.

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