Akim and Noémie succumb to temptation (Detailed summary of episode 948)

“Un Si Grand Soleil” in advance and in preview with a complete and detailed summary of episode 948 on Wednesday August 10, 2022 – For the record, France 2 will offer next Wednesday the third unique night dedicated to Un Si Grand Soleil by broadcasting six new episodes in a row. In the first episode of this bonus, a new romance was born. Newly single, Akim is won over by Noémie’s beauty..


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Un Si Grand Soleil Summary in advance episodes 948 on Wednesday August 10, 2022

Jacques is in a coma

Jacques is in intensive care, and the medicine is keeping him from suffering. But he is in a coma and his family has yet to get permission to approach his bedside. At the tennis club, Louis is down and feeling useless. He finds support from Kira who encourages him to hold on, because his grandfather will need him when he wakes up. But later, Louis prepared himself and taught his friend that he is not a doctor and that he cannot say that his grandfather will wake up one day. The teenager softens and ends up confessing to Kira that he is very angry with Myriam, because she pushed his grandfather to commit suicide.

At the hospital, Janet informs Marc that it is too early to make any prognosis. Jacques’ reflex actions lead one to believe that he is not paralyzed, but it is possible that he still has after-effects.

Elisabeth informs Myriam that she has found a new supplier to replace Jacques. Only, it is not a local producer and therefore it is more expensive. Due to the urgency of the situation, they cannot afford to make a choice. Elisabeth then hears from Jacques, but Myriam leaves his office without answering him.

For his part, Marc goes to the tennis club to try to reconcile with Louis. But he could explain to his son that Myriam could not prevent a complaint being filed against Jacques, because the reason for it was so serious, Louis did not hear it. He didn’t want to see them anymore, neither did he and Myriam.


Léonor immediately called Marc. After hearing from Jacques, he apologizes for not telling him about his father’s financial problems. Unaware that his ex-wife criticized his father to his banker, Marc was understanding.

Myriam, for her part, feels guilty about what happened to Jacques. Marc hammered him that he had nothing to be ashamed of. But Myriam blamed herself for not insisting that Elisabeth not file a complaint. Then she informed Marc of her intention to return to live at home for a few days, because she and her son needed to find each other. But Marc needs Myriam by his side to overcome this difficulty. Myriam cried.

When Alain returned home, he bore the brunt of his partner’s bad mood. Elisabeth tells him that Myriam is responsible for what happened to Jacques. He confided in Alain how hurt he was by the way Myriam spoke to him, especially since he considered her his son.

Léonor and Louis go to the hospital in the evening. Mark is there. Janet lets them see Jacques. At his grandfather’s bedside, Louis speaks his heart out and asks him to wake up. Leonor was angry.

A new romance for Akim

In Mas, Noémie asks Rémi for help in repairing a fence, but she does not see the passage of time and the young man does not dare to tell her that he will be late. Noémie accompanied Rémi to the house of Pasquale who owns a large property. Baptiste, the integration referent, reframed the young man. Noémie pleads in Rémi’s case, especially since it’s his fault if he’s late. He found Baptiste a bit harsh on the young man, but Baptiste did not allow himself to be swayed.

Rémi is planting and Pasquale’s son offers him to play a video game when he is done. But Baptiste reminds Rémi that he is there to work and not to make friends.

Akim went to Mas de Noémie to help. The young woman had to move the horses, but Akim could hardly be trusted. Noémie offers him to connect with the horse. Akim put his head on the side of the horse and stroked it. Noémie did the same. Their hands are holding each other. Noémie took the first step and kissed Akim. After exchanging a long, passionate kiss, they shared an intimate moment between the wakes. Bilal and Akim plan to go to dinner with their mother. But since Akim was late, Bilal called his younger brother who claimed to have an emergency named Noémie.

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