4 Tips to Send Uncompressed High Quality HD Images to Your Contacts

Are you tired of sending poor quality images through WhatsApp? Learn our tips and tricks for sending HD photos without losing quality.

whatsapp is an instant messaging application. So, he tried everything send messages immediately to keep the conversation alive. This is exactly what reduces the weight of images and videos to transfer them faster. But it also affects media quality which is transferred. As a result, the recipient will receive an image or video with loss of quality. If that bothers you, like us, we’ve found the best tips. Find out!

How to stop sending images with loss of quality on WhatsApp?

If you don’t want to send images with loss of qualitythen you must abandon all other methods.

First, don’t pass WhatsApp’s built-in camera To take pictures. First, the capture quality is poor and you have no chance to correct said quality.

By default, the images you send on WhatsApp are compressed.

Second, no more clicking on whatsapp gallery to send photos. From the selection, WhatsApp retouches the quality. Even if you see a good quality photo at your level, the quality of the receiver is different.

third, don’t go through the gallery to send your photos. There, too, the instant messaging application changes it and sends it with a loss of quality.

The best way for send good quality photo via whatsapp, is to tell WhatsApp that it is not an image. How is this possible?

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How to send a good quality image through WhatsApp?

Usually, there is no chance for an image to pass through WhatsApp without a reduction in quality. The only way for this to happen is that the application doesn’t know it’s an image. So that’s what you do.

Tip 1: Send an image as a document

This is until now best and fastest trick to send good quality photo via whatsapp. The big advantage of this trick is that you it applies to every case just for some photos.

To do this, follow this process:

Step by Step Tutorial to Send HD Images on WhatsApp

  1. Open your WhatsApp app
  2. Open a conversation with your contact who needs to receive the image
  3. Click on the attachment icon represented by a paperclip.

    It’s near the camera icon, in front of the message box.

  4. Choose DOCUMENTSinstead of Gallery

    Send High Quality Images on WhatsApp: Step 1

  5. Can’t find images to send? Tap the first option on the screen Browse other documents.

    Send High Quality Images on WhatsApp: Step 2

  6. Filter the explorer by image format and select the one(s) you want to send.

    Send High Quality Images on WhatsApp: Step 3

  7. All you have to do is click “Send”!

    Send High Quality Images on WhatsApp: Step 4

That’s it! You should see the difference in the display and weight of the image.

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Tip 2: Select the “Best quality” option in the settings

This second trick allows you to change the general settings of your WhatsApp application. All the photos you send will therefore be of better quality but they will also weigh more.

  1. Click on the 3 dots on the top right then “Settings”;
  2. Click on “Data usage and storage”;
  3. Click on “Photo upload quality”;
  4. Select “Best Quality” (the default setting is Auto which results in compression).
best quality whatsapp photo option

Be careful because your photos will take a long time to load and consume a lot of data and storage space.

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Tip 3: Zip the images to send

This trick is just as good for send images without loss of quality. However, this is quite restrictive. We recommend this if you have at least ten photos to send. All you have to do is collect the images in a zip folder (many apps in the play store or AppStore let it be done. You just need to send this file to your contact via WhatsApp. Everything goes en bloc to the recipient. He just had to download an app to unzip it and save the photos.

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Tip 4: Send a link

This method is simple. You can create a folder in google photos, make it publicly accessible and store images sent there. Then you send the link to your contact. He can access the link and save the photos in his gallery. However, this method is only recommended if there are many images to be sent.

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