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Arriving in Marseille at the beginning of July to take over from Jorge Sampaoli, Igor Tudor is already thriving in the troubled waters of the Old Port. Between a locker room and a skeptical public, his style of play, unlike his predecessor, struggled to emerge. The season has not yet started and Marseille’s ship is already rocking. Stop the mutiny.

In an unofficial match at the Vélodrome, Igor Tudor was able to offer himself what Jorge Sampaoli never knew at OM: a bronca stronger than the Mistral. Sometimes questioned in his year and a half at Marseille, the Argentinian has always been able to raise the bar to avoid a storm. Arriving on July 4 to replace him, Igor Tudor had more problems and was headed for a particularly early storm. The season has not yet started that the place of the Croatian technician on the Marseille bench has been questioned by a public that made him understand after the recent defeat against Milan, but also in a locker room that will never be impressed.

One down in the game is down to nothing

In six friendly matches, OM won only once, against the neighbor of Marignane Gignac, resident of N2 (4-1). The rest of the balance quickly cooled the expectations of the people of Marseille, with three defeats and a draw in four games against Norwich (0-3), Middlesbrough (0-3), Betis (1- 1) and Milan (0- 2), so. Worse than the anecdotal results of these preparatory matches, this is the method that cools the atmosphere in the Commanderie. If it is foolish to rely on these summer friendlies to draw conclusions on the outcome of the coming season, the Marseillais have not found a branch to hang in these meetings.

In their defense, from Sampaoli’s hyper possession game to Tudor’s all-terrain pressing, who willingly left the ball, was not done in one day. During the replacement of his coach who left suddenly at the beginning of the summer, the president Pablo Longoria may have to think about this point, because not only the locker room is affected by the departure of the Argentinian, but must he too. do the exact opposite of what he’s been asked to do for a year and a half. Three months into a new Champions League campaign, the selection of Tudor thus destroyed all the foundations on which OM began to rebuild successfully.

And that’s not all. What also weakened the Olympian building were the methods of the new Croatian site manager. The entourage of players began to leak Tudor’s methods, the type to return the bacon to his troops without taking out too many tweezers. Since his arrival, the new boss of OM would have taken the cabbage with Jordan Amavi, Gerson and Cengiz Ünder. For a moment calmly sitting on the bench, Bamba Dieng can also get off his hinges. Coming into the game in the first friendly match of the season, the Senegalese scored a hat-trick. since ? Almost nothing. The African champion will no longer participate in the tactical set-up. Tudor did not like her profile and blamed her for being overweight.

Dieng, symbol of misunderstanding

The case of Dieng – who announced that he intends to stay and win at OM – alone symbolizes the misunderstanding that reigns between the coach and his locker room, but also his public. In this emerging conflict, supporters are almost united behind their attacker, and #TudorOut is growing on social networks. Luckily for him, Tudor had some backers. “We have a new coach, a new system. Everything cannot be done in one day. We will do the best. We will see what it gives. We follow the guidelines. (.. .) You have to trust him, otherwise it will be complicated » , asked Jonathan Clauss after the defeat against Milan. The former Lensois continued: “We can’t shoot on the right and he on the left, otherwise we can’t advance. We must trust him and trust his words. Pull in the same direction. »

Even Gerson came to his aid on Twitter after their argument, which wasn’t enough to calm things down. Tudor’s attitude, already at the beginning of the early departure of his ephemeral deputy Mauro Camoranesi, no longer works. ACCORDING Provence, the executives of the locker room, led by Dimitri Payet, would have requested a meeting with the president and the coach to put things in order. The main request does not concern the game plan, which on paper corresponds word for word to the motto of the club, but to the lack of pedagogy of Igor Tudor. After the defeat against Norwich, the Croatian technician gave some hints about a beginning that could be complicated: “We worked hard. I’m the type of coach who likes to do big pre-season preparations to reap the benefits later.

After the one against Milan, the Croatian jukebox changed discs: “It’s not a problem of preparation, it’s a problem of level. We have to be realistic: there is a gap between the two teams. We were a little better in the second half, but we are not ready to face this type of team. » Not enough to reassure Marseille supporters a week before the launch of Ligue 1 and a month before a Champions League where OM will face precisely this type of team. If he wants to leave a better mark than his five Croatian predecessors on the OM bench (Ivan Marković, Tomislav Ivić, Luka Peruzović, Josip Skoblar and Zoran Vujović), Igor Tudor must quickly raise the bar. A win against Reims on Sunday, from the first day of L1, will give him a break.

By Adrien Hémard-Dohain

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