the secrets of his haven of peace in Var

Let’s escape the crowds of Saint-Tropez. Direction green Provence in Var but inside Brignoles exactly. It is in a village in this commune that George Clooney bought a vast property with a vineyard last summer, Domaine de Cadanel. But the mystery remains intact. What work is done in the field? Can the Nespresso icon, like his friend Brad Pitt, make rosé wine? How the former doctor will invest in the series here Emergency room ?

It is not easy to follow in the footsteps of the American actor. RTL first returned to the entrance of the Canadel estate. We went there last year when the rumor of its sale for 9 million euros. It is a 172-hectare property with an 18th-century bastide of 900 square meters on three floors, a swimming pool, lawn tennis, a small lake, a vast pine forest in the hills , olive trees and 5 hectares of vineyards.

But this time, we found the door closed. A gate with a code lock has been installed and high gates surround the area with surveillance cameras every 15 meters. It was impossible to know what was going on inside. We just know that the Clooneys are doing great things out there. Just one clue: Chosen by George Clooney and his wife Amal furniture made in Italy for the performance, a carelessness obtained from the Italian craftsman who came to deliver them. We will not know more because, be careful, everyone who enters here must sign a confidentiality clause.

So, RTL visited the mayor of Brignoles, Didier Brémond. This is one of the few that met the star couple. In addition, in his office in the town hall, there is a photo of the good place … “This the photo with George Clooney and his wife which was from last year when he bought it. I went to lunch with them and we talked quietly outside, we drank wine from the property, but in all simplicity…”, revealed the city councilor. The photo has gone around the world.

George Clooney did not come to isolate himself in this corner of Provence. Just within a radius of 15 km, there are: george lucas the maker of Star Wars in Chateauvert and especially his friend Brad Pitt who owns land in Correns… “He is looking for property in Var. . And I think the proximity of Brad Pitt has a role,” said the mayor.

One question was burning the lips of everyone in the region. Like his friend Brad Pitt with Château de Miraval producing rosé wine, will George Clooney embark on an adventure? We know that he invested a few years ago in tequila … “He was looking for a nice property to enjoy, to be with his family and to walk. Has he changed his mind since “I don’t know. But at the time, when I met him, he was in no mood to make great wine.

A hope for export

Var winegrowers continue to watch this new arrival. Union officialsAOP Coteaux Varois in Provence Especially. The Domaine de Canadel vineyard is right at the heart of the appellation. Thomas Giroud, its director, explained that George Clooney has the possibility, in the long term, of vinifying his grapes, bottling and selling his production under the PDO and even… giving the name of the estate . Obviously, a wine with Georges Clooney on the label promises for the appellation. Thomas Giroud draws parallels with George Lucas who also exports the production of his estate, Château Margüi…

“The first export market for the appellation is the United States, points out Thomas Giroud. We can also confidently imagine that, thanks to their network, it can capture other stadiums and cellars appellation, which already exporting a little, but who can support their exports, especially across the Atlantic.

So George Clooney will continue to make a small local wine for his pleasure or he will launch production with AOP, this question has not been decided. The mayor has other projects to take advantage – and we understand – of the actor’s fame 61 years old. “Brignoles suffers from an image deficit, so when you have George Clooney in your town, with all that can be involved, I think it’s a plus for us and we’ll try to give him a or two acts. in the city. I have some ideas for a cinema, we can show him in a film. I have some ideas and I think it will happen”.

For the mayor’s discussion, let’s wait. The property manager confirmed that George and Amal Clooney will not come this summer, the work is not done …

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