Meet Your Maker: When Mario Maker Meets Doom, from the creators of Dead by Daylight

Game News Meet Your Maker: When Mario Maker Meets Doom, from the creators of Dead by Daylight

Surprise! While studios usually wait for big summer fairs like E3/Summer Game Fest or gamescom to announce their new projects, Behavior Interactive doesn’t allow itself to be dictated by any timetable and opens up on Meet Your Maker. It must be said that the studio behind Dead by Daylight definitely needs the spotlight to last a long time with this funny title with an original principle that mixes level creation and action on all levels. It will be darling.

Are you building or raiding?

In a dying world, guardians go to war to collect the most coveted resource on the planet: pure genetic material (GenMat). Some build deadly fortresses to guard it, others infiltrate enemy bases to take it back. Meet Your Maker is described by its creators as a futuristic building and attacking FPS, where each level is designed by a community player.. The user is actually invited to discover two very different game types. When playing as the Mastermind, the player aims to create twisting levels filled with traps and enemies fighting to prevent the human adventurers from capturing the GenMat. When he is in the skin of a warrior, he must travel to Outposts created by other Masterminds to recover the legendary genetic material.

Meet Your Maker: When Mario Maker Meets Doom, from the creators of Dead by Daylight

Representative of the unusual genre described by Behavior Interactive as “Builder-Raider”, Meet Your Maker combines the tools of a level editor with the fast-paced action of an FPS. On one side the reflection, on the other side the challenge. Thanks to this system that is completely based on the talents of the future community, Behavior Interactive ensures that no dungeon is the same. Unlike software with asymmetrical gameplay like Resident Evil: Resistance, Meet Your Maker does not combine the attackers and the Mastermind in real time. When a dungeon is published, it is offered to people in the community as a 100% PvE experience. The creator can check the number of deaths in his level, where it happened (like Mario Maker), and watch the replays to check the danger of his build.

In his sanctuary, the player has everything he needs to start an adventure as a Mastermind or as a thief. This is also where he can buy temporary boosts, and where traps can be customized by adding mods. It is important to note that making such an attack is accessible up to two players in cooperation, just to design or survey the level of the best of his colleagues. However, at this time, we don’t know if Meet Your Maker will be cross-play/cross-platform.

Meet Your Maker: When Mario Maker Meets Doom, from the creators of Dead by DaylightMeet Your Maker: When Mario Maker Meets Doom, from the creators of Dead by Daylight

Dungeon Keeper

Meet Your Maker: When Mario Maker Meets Doom, from the creators of Dead by Daylight

As a Mastermind, the goal is to create the deadliest Outpost you can imagine, setting a whole bunch of traps and a shovelful of monsters. The only limitation? Do not exceed the capacity meter. This mode will bring out the Jigsaw that has been sleeping in you and make you rediscover your old Dungeon Keeper reflexes, when you need to use tricks to slow down the heroes who have come to steal the heart of the dungeon. The interface of Meet Your Maker is divided into five sections that group everything the creator needs to build a world with blocks, traps, monsters, objects and decals.. During the demo, we were impressed by walls that send arrows, hammers, portcullises, mechanisms that trigger flamethrowers, or even traps that drop bombs. New creators will then be happy to create deadly trompe-l’oeil, narrow corridors with ceilings covered in traps, or even dangerous arenas that shelter the thirst of blood animals. On the side of the bestiary, we see heavily armed, more or less beautiful bipedal creatures, as well as flying enemies.

The more players die in the fortress, the more rewards the Mastermind gets. The architecture of a level changes by placing blocks of different shapes (cubic, triangular) and different textures with configurable colors. If we go to the demonstration that we saw, the creation of a level that looks like a LEGO part with interlocking bricks. The decoration is not neglected with many functional elements (pipes, fans, lamps, etc.) to make the Outpost unique. Block after block, trap after trap, the user designs the tower of terror of his dreams with a mission to become a nightmare for the adventurers who venture there.. A fun little feature is a route recording system for NPCs to pre-record routine patrol routes that will surprise thieves. It’s enough to do a lot of damage to a flying enemy, as we saw in our demo. Several social features are planned that allow you to rate your favorite dungeons or watch video replays of adventurers who have visited our Outposts.

Meet Your Maker: When Mario Maker Meets Doom, from the creators of Dead by DaylightMeet Your Maker: When Mario Maker Meets Doom, from the creators of Dead by Daylight

Attack in die & retry mode

As a thief, the goal is to check the fortresses made by other players to recover the genetic material, then leave. To do this, the player has the possibility to adjust the skills of his character to adapt to the challenges that await him. In case of death, he will be sent back to square one and must start all over again. Fortunately, with cooperation, the survivor has the possibility to heal his friend on the ground, which makes it possible to soften the challenge at least a little. From what we’ve seen, Raid mode gameplay is similar to classic FPS with jumping, shooting, running around, throwing grenades and peeking to see what’s going on. hiding on the other side of a wall.

We don’t qualify Meet Your Maker as Fast-FPS because the goal of the game in Raid mode is to advance as much as possible to not trigger a trap, while counting the ultra-limited that ammo. If you don’t want to dig into every corner of a maze to find something, know that the robots indicate the path to follow to find the GenMat. Once the resource is collected, it will trigger the script for new traps. So it is necessary to be especially attentive when your hands land on the precious sesame. Deadly mechs are of course damaging, they also bring back XP as well as ammo. The hardest thing is to smell their presence before they leave. History to accelerate development, fighters have a grappling hook, accessory that is very important in action games these past years.

Meet Your Maker is announced for 2023. A beta will be available from August 23 for registrants in the official website. According to the development studio, the title is planned to last a system of seasons deploying post-launch content that is promised to be important.

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