Livret A, LEP: here are the interests you will receive at the new rates for 2022!

The regulated savings rates are rising from August 1. The Livret A account will increase by 2% and will allow you to benefit from €315.56 in additional interest throughout the year. But in fact, the loss of purchasing power of your savings, due to inflation, can reach €1,000. The popular passbook interest rate goes up to 4.6% and protects your savings a little more.

Inflation affects passbooks

In six months, the rate of booklet A is multiplied by four! Yes, four! Fixed at 0.5% on February 1, 2020, the lowest level, reached 1% on February 1, 2022. Since Monday August 1, it has reached 2%. And this, like its cousin Social and Solidarity Savings Booklet (LDDS). This is a rate that has not existed for 10 years.

This is good news for the 56 million people who own it an A bookletie more than 8 out of 10 French people. reducing your purchasing power. This is the result of inflation, which amounts to 5.6% of the total year. Because of this, the real return on your Livret A account will be negative.

Livret A: up to €1,000 loss

With 1000 €

By placing €1,000 in your Livret A, you will earn €13.75 in interest. But at the same time, you will suffer a loss of €56 due to inflation. Your reduced purchasing power so €42.25. Concretely, €1,000 invested on January 1, 2022 will earn €1,013.75 in cash in your Livret A on January 1 of the following year… Except that the “real value” of this money will decrease at the same time. Schematically, your savings accumulated in your Livret A at the end of 2022 will be “worth” only €957.5 if inflation remains at 0% throughout the year.

With €5,000 or €5,800 in your savings account A

By putting €5,000 in your Livret A, you will earn €68.75 in interest. And this, against the loss of 280 euros due to the price increase. Or 211.25 euros less purchasing power. In addition, 5,800 euros constitutes the average outstanding value of a Livret A according to the latest figures fromControlled Savings Observatory for the year 2021. The positive side, 79.75 euro interest at the end of 2022 which, on the other hand, is swallowed by 324.80 euro inflation. Finally, the loss of purchasing power of 245.05 euros from 5,800 euros before.

With 10,000 and 15,000 euros

By investing €10,000, the annual interest increases to €137.5. On the other hand, the purchasing power of savings decreased by 422.5 euros, because inflation decreased by 560 euros. However, for 15,000 euros, the interest rises to 206.25 euros. But at the same time, you will lose 840 euros due to inflation. In the end, you miss 633.75 euros of purchasing power in a year.

With 22,950 euros in your Livret A

This amount corresponds to the maximum you can deposit in a Livret A, the interest represents 315.56 euros. On the other hand, inflation leads to a loss of 1,285.20 euros, ie a reduction in purchasing power of 969.64 euros. In other words, almost 1,000 euros!

LEP at 4.6%: what interest in 2022?

the People’s Savings Book (LEP) usually provides protection against price increases. And this, unlike Livret A, whose method of calculation has changed. For LEP, open based on income. For a single person’s tax house, for example, it is €20,297. The ceiling is €7,700 for deposits, the calculation formula follows the average inflation rate of the last six months. This is why the LEP rate reaches “only” 4.6%, and nothing more.

An unparalleled rate for a safe investment that should benefit 18.6 million French people. But in fact, there are almost 7 million LEP holders. And this, according to the latest figures from the Banque de France. If you can benefit from this, choose to open a LEP to secure your savings instead of putting them in a Livret A.

By setting €5,600, the average outstanding value of a LEP in 2021, the rate ofinterest rate rises to 4.6%. Then, the amount of interest will reach 173.60 euros in 2022, against 77 euros for a Livret A. Inflation will lead to a decrease in the value of your savings by 313.6 euros, ie loss of purchasing power in 140 euros for a LEP. It would have reached 236.6 euros for a Livret A.

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