it’s these habits that annoy Vinted

Because of Vinted’s success, a well-established modus operandi has evolved. Abaca

If the application is easy to use to empty your closets or make a good business, its practice can sometimes be stressful. Testimonies from users on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Joy, 38, a sales manager in Paris, breathed a sigh of relief. In his order, his jeans were there, and most of all matched the description of the Vinted ad where he bought them. On the other hand, he was also surprised to find there a broken lipstick, a rubber band for slightly tired hair, and two sachets of “slimming” herbal tea, all accompanied by a letter. written in pen and signed with a smiley. Apparently, a little attention with sympathetic intentions. But whose effect fell short. “I can clearly see the idea and the important issue of evaluation behind these little ‘homemade’ gifts, but here, we are still close to cra-cra. The injunction of the slim body even in my Vinted package , I’m tired! I want jeans, period. The buyer, registered since 2017, regrets a tendency to giveaways useless – directly inspired by the codes of corporate marketing – more and more often in the parcels he receives. “I don’t need someone to empty their pocket or add another t-shirt to my order… I’m minimal, everything goes in the trash. If everything goes well and the exchange is respectful, there’s no reason for me to hold back from giving five stars.

“It seems like everyone has a little bit of power over each other. »

Charlotte, 32 years old.

Participation and communication

With its 19 million users in France, we no longer present Vinted. The second-hand platform was a hit. And with its success, developed according to a well-established modus operandi. We owe it to its operating system, but above all to the users themselves, who really want to get five stars (best application rating) after every transaction. Their reputation and trust index are at risk, important to maintain sales and purchases without arousing distrust among users. But this rating, which has become widespread on the Internet, creates a phenomenon of involvement and communication that sometimes becomes a violation of good behavior.

“It seems that everyone has a little power over the other,” analyzed Charlotte, 32, a graphic designer in Brussels. This young mother shopped and shopped at Vinted to update her two children’s wardrobes. Its (minor) flaw: leave “seen” messages waiting for a reply. “I have advanced procrastination syndrome. I get a lot of emails and Whatsapp messages every day, so I will think about it. In my daily upload, it goes without saying that Vinted is lagging behind, especially involving requests like the endless “is it possible to have a worn photo?”. For a two-euro T-shirt, I’ll stop. But in hindsight, if the dress is sold, I will pay for it with a dirty comment…”.

There is also a variant of this: “How many centimeters from the waist to the neckline?”. Émeline, a 40-year-old Lyonnaise, was furious. This fan of second-hand clothes found through this site a way to get rid of his “overflow of clothes”. He does not intend to make any way to sell it and hopes that his clients, who are used to the commercial services of the companies, will lower their expectations. “I’m not a sales professional, which means I don’t know how to answer a common question, ‘How big is it?’ I practice at very low prices, so if you want to make a deal, you have to accept to take a little risk.

Abusive negotiation

“Once the offer is accepted, there is no question of discussing the price. »

Samia, 40 years old.

If the expectations of Emeline and Charlottes clients are sometimes difficult to manage, for Zoé, the anger comes from “abusive negotiations”. The 32-year-old Parisian is sad to see the bargain hunter’s philosophy turn to dust. “Negotiations are part of the game, but when I was offered an offer at a price that was almost half when I offered a new dress, with tags, at 50% of the original price, I felt I was insulted”. In this negotiation process, some good souls systematically agreed to lower the price. This is the situation of Samia, 40, always ready to play “negotiation”. If you follow some rules. “Once the offer is accepted, there is no question of talking about the price. It occurred to me that we returned the payment to change the price, but how rude! Ditto for those who do not say “hello”, negotiate directly, ask for picture wearing. I did, I sent, and no response. No thanks, nothing. It hurts.” Despite everything, he relativized: “Fortunately, it remains a minority of people.” The Lithuanian unicorn does not interfere in these interactions. But it has the heart to constantly change its platform – we saw it again recently with the installation of lockers in supermarkets in Paris and Île-de-France -, maybe it will think of the new developments. And who knows, a charter of good behavior.

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