Food voucher: date, amount, beneficiary, here’s everything you need to know!

Pending the introduction of a long-term food voucher, the government is planning this emergency food aid. It will only be given to beneficiaries of certain social minimums. So a household receives 100 euros with an additional 50 euros for each child. This extraordinary food aid is still under discussion until the implementing decree allows its deployment. Its financing will receive the necessary appropriations through amending the financial law this month of July.

Who can benefit from food vouchers?

The eligibility conditions for receive this check becomes clearer every day. As this device is intended for the most moderate people, so it will be paid to the following categories of people:

  • Beneficiaries of minimum age. (ASPA)
  • Active Solidarity Income (RSA) recipients
  • Students who receive the CROUS scholarship
  • Students in a precarious situation, more precisely, those who receive annual aid from CROUS
  • Persons receiving Disabled Adult Allowance (AAH)
  • People receiving Personalized Housing Assistance (APL)

it list of beneficiaries not yet complete. This will definitely be the subject of some updates. A beneficiary of more than one eligible device can only be takena payment on this food check.

How much is this emergency food aid?

The expected value for this food review is 100 euros per household. To this amount add an additional 50 euros per dependent child.

If this value is confirmed, couple raising two children can receive 200 euros. The latter represents 100 euros for their household and 50 euros for each of their children. Therefore the values ​​that were first announced for this device are reduced. Initially, families will receive 150 euros while each child must bring 100 euros per household.

In general, the whole of this device will cost the State one billion euros. This is lower than the 2020 Covid premium. The latter offered to 4 million households in France. But if this emergency aid affects 9 million French people as planned, the costs should be close.

When is the food check payment due?

Food inspection first mentioned in December 2020. He was announced by Emmanuel Macron during the Citizen’s Climate Convention.

Its implementation is known long discussion within the executive. In July 2021, Parliament finally voted for the establishment of a food voucher. But since the implementation measures have not yet been voted on, it is difficult to decide on an exact date. However, the payment of permanent aid should be planned for 2023.

What about this emergency food aid that was promised for the start of the school year in September 2022?

The parliament did not disclose a specific date. This emergency device is not included in the bill of purchasing power. Its deployment will follow an application order after the release of credit provided by the amendment of the financial law this summer.

Who is responsible for food voucher distribution: the CCAS or the CAF?

The organization that manages this worldwide distribution not clearly defined. However, Bruno Le Maire discussed the possibility of entrusting this mission to the municipal social action centers or the CCAS. The latter distributes social benefits in the form of financial assistance or in the form of the most deprived. They take care of disaster-free homes. In doing so, 5 million beneficiaries can easily touch the food check. The Citizens’ Convention also supports this idea.

CAF does not distribute food aid on a large scale. But some cases ofFamily allowances can manage this food aid at the local level.

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How do I apply for a food voucher?

The government has not yet mentioned the exact procedures to be followed for this device. The organization that will take care of the distribution has not yet been defined. Beneficiaries cannot begin yet the necessary steps. Furthermore, the form of this emergency aid has not yet been disclosed.

Which places are eligible for food voucher payments?

The government haven’t spoken yet about this topic. The reason is that they are working “on a more qualitative assessment of food to access organic, fresh and local products”, as promised by Olivia Grégoire, the government spokesperson, on June 29, 2022 .

Accordingly, the inspection of food should be made possible to obtain the good products provided by the law of Egalim. So the beneficiaries should can buy fresh produce quality (ie organic and labeled products).

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