CAF: RSA, APL, AAH… don’t forget to complete this important online procedure to maintain your rights

Are you a beneficiary of Rsa (active solidarity income), the activity bonus or the allowance for disabled adults (Aah)? To calculate your entitlement, CAF needs your quarterly declaration of resources. We explain when and how to proceed.

An important step for those who receive the social minimum. Every three months, you must update your situation and declare your resources to receive the RSA, the activity bonus or the allowance for disabled adults (Aah). Your quarterly declaration of resources (Dtr) must be made online at the Family Allowance Fund website. Here are the steps to take and when to take them.

1. The sooner the better

As a beneficiary, you will receive an e-mail to let you know that something needs to be done in your “My Account” area. Do not delay, so that your request can be processed quickly. This month, the first emails were sent on Tuesday, August 2. So be sure to complete your quarterly declaration of resources today! If not, check your inbox.

2. Assess your professional and personal situation

Take the time to check that your information is up to date, as this will affect the calculation of your rights. Career, married life… all these details are essential.

3. State your resources and your home

If for the RSA or the Activity bonus, you must declare your net income before the deduction of income tax, indicating the salaries and allowances received in the last three months (salary and self-employed income , sustenance …). If you do not receive any income, check the box “No resources”. Do not forget to fill the resources of your spouse or partner and your children over 15 years old, reminds Caf on its site.

What resources should be declared?

Salary amount, unemployment benefits, as well as alimony. Note, it is net income before tax reduction is expected. You must also fill in the resources of your spouse and your children who are over 15 years old.

Other resources should be disclosed, including:

  • extraordinary income (severance pay, contractual termination indemnity, end-of-contract indemnity, compensatory indemnity for paid leave, etc.);
  • birth bonus and 13th month bonus;
  • internship bonuses or professional training allowances;
  • daily allowance for illness or accident at work, but also for maternity, paternity or adoption;
  • retirement pensions, survivors’ pensions, invalidity pensions, etc. ;
  • the income of self-employed people (self-employed, artists, etc.);
  • amounts received through inheritance or gambling winnings;
  • the money invested.

What is the reporting timetable?

The quarterly declaration of CAF resources must be made every 3 months, so 4 times a year in total. However, reporting deadlines are not the same for all recipients. Because they depend on the month of opening your rights. There is a calendar here. This will help you see things more clearly.

Among other things, the deadline for sending your quarterly declaration to the CAF or the MSA falls in the month of the last payment of the quarter. For example: if you received the activity bonus in February (for the month of January), March (for the month of February) and April (entitlements for March), you must make your declaration before the end of the month in April. This will allow CAF to recalculate your entitlements for the months of May, June and July, details administrative procedures. Same thing for RSA.

What about the paper version?

People prefer completing their quarterly declaration on paper version cerfa 14129*03 form must be completed (valid for CAF and MSA). For AAH beneficiaries, the form to be completed is different: it is cerfa 14208*01. After reporting a possible change in the family situation, you must enter the amount of your resources in the boxes provided for this purpose.

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