“unbearable”, “I’m tired of him”, “annoying” … the aggressive behavior of an employee shocked Internet users

This Monday, August 1, M6 offers an unpublished Incognito boss. For this new episode, Emmanuel Tedesco and Ouriel Hodara, founders and managers of yogurt ice cream Yogurt Factory, joined the exercise. They founded this brand in 2011 and it currently has 55 stores in France and almost 200 employees. It was the first of a franchise of the company, which was open for only one year, that the two men made their first immersion. It was in Soulac-sur-Mer, near Bordeaux, that Ouriel Hodara, dressed as David, played apprentice for Brian, 24, assistant manager of his mother VΓ©ronique’s store. But exhausted from the hard days of work, the trainer is aggressive and authoritarian towards his one-day employee.

The current is far from flowing between Brian and his boss

Brian then set the tone in front of the show’s cameras. “For the activity that we do here, it’s by the sea and it’s seasonal. We need people, who’s hit, who’s hit, who’s hit. You have to understand immediately and you have to send wood. In principle, from first day, let’s see if it’s a match or not., he said that there is no language in the tree. He immediately showed himself to be very directive to his boss, ready to be abrupt with him, and often lacking in patience and pedagogy. He was even angry with his boss after a bad comment from a client. “you have to leave”Ouriel Hodara was simply dropped, angering the manager. “You tell me ‘must leave’, I’ll come around, I’ll give you a headbutt”, she cried, furious. His reaction was also very strong when he found out that the customers left without paying for their ice cream, trying to find them.

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The manager will annoy Internet users

Brian’s behavior did not fail to anger Internet users, who did not appreciate his attitude towards his incognito boss, but also the customers whom the young man boasted of not always treating them well when he considered them which was very rude to him. “He thought he was in the army”said an onlooker, amused by the young man’s attitude. “That’s why Brian doesn’t like people who….talk like him”wondered another doubter.

Here is our selection of tweets on Secret boss:

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