This is where it all begins: what awaits you in episode 456 on Tuesday, August 2, 2022 [SPOILERS] – TV News Series

In the next episode of “This is where it all started”… Greg has to make an important decision and Théo is terrible in the kitchen. Like Souleymane and Deva, they did their first time.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers of the episode of Here it all starts broadcasting tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Tuesday, August 2nd This is where it all begins…


The crow struck again yesterday knocking out Ruben and Greg. For his part, Delobel’s son was still disturbed by the discovery of his partner’s mutilated body in his room. When Salome and Eliott track him down, Chief Demir’s second in command disappears. So, Greg puts forward a deadly hypothesis: Ruben was killed after learning the true identity of their blackmailer. But, Salomé doubts, how did he take the body of the second outside the hotel without being seen? The mystery remains intact but the situation becomes very dangerous. Because of this, students want leaders to be alerted to the latest happenings.

Soon, the students of the institute were late for the presentation of the next test. When they arrive, Greg wants to tell everyone what happened but his father stops him by giving the floor to the jury. Then, Chief Bury explained the modalities of the third test: two chiefs would face each other one day apart. And the competition will continue tomorrow with chef Delobel and chef Cardone facing off. For his part, Chief Demir was very worried not to hear from Ruben. So, Greg explains to the chiefs what happened the previous day while telling them his damning hypothesis.

But a twist! Ruben was alive and well and had joined them too late. The youngster assured that he was not attacked but unfortunately he had a family problem which forced him to leave the championship. Greg continues his story and makes a fool of himself in front of everyone. To prove the truth of his words, Greg made them listen to Ruben’s voice message but unfortunately it was deleted. Delobel’s son did not realize this, but even his friends began to doubt him.

In the kitchen, Greg is completely shocked after this turn. He did not understand why Ruben did this. While Eliott believes that he is trying to protect himself, Enzo is not very respectful of his friend and thinks that Greg may have done everything. In fact, the student began to believe that his classmate was hiding all the threats they received. After all, they just took his word for it all. Moreover, Salomé and Anaïs are also suspicious of him.

While enjoying a moment of decompression with Eliott by the pool, Greg receives a chilling message from an unknown number: “Don’t say anything to your boyfriend, but if I were him, I wouldn’t drink that drink.” Without waiting, he slung the cocktail that his girlfriend was holding in his hand. For his part, Eliott was completely shocked and did not understand his behavior. Then, the student receives a second very clear message: “Tomorrow, you will make sure your father fails the test. Otherwise, I will kill Eliott.

Later, Benoît confronts his son about his attitude. Besides, he still thinks that Greg is on drugs to be able to say such things. So, the young man assured him that he would give his all during the third trial.

At the end of the day, Greg explained to his girlfriend that he had received new threatening messages. Eliott thought that he should not pay attention to the crow’s demands because he was only trying to scare them. However, Delobel’s son has no choice, he must betray his father to protect the man he loves at any cost.


Early in the morning, Theo is preoccupied with the sketches sent to him by the chef of the Auguste Armand restaurant in London for his new menu. If the drawings are worthy of works of art, the young chef believes that his partner has abandoned taste and flavor. In addition, he was afraid to make his recommendations to a chef who probably had a career 20 years older than him. However, he had no choice because he had a video conference with her tomorrow. So, Axel and Constance push him to think about his ideas.

During the service, Théo continued to disagree with his brigade. This time, it was Amber’s turn to pay the price. When he asked her for information about cooking, he was very cruel to her and criticized her for not paying enough attention. For his part, Tom considered that he had become insufferable since winning the Vatel prize.

Soon, Theo steps up to the plate against another cook who accuses him of burning his butter. Then, he continues his rounds by scolding Tom who, he says, has fried his fish too much. To punish him for his behavior, he even sent the student to wash dishes.

At the end of the day, Tom and Amber decide to ask Axel for help. In fact, they thought it would be easier for him to discuss with Théo his character more like his father. If at first Teyssier’s nephew thought it was a bad idea, he finally agreed to talk to his cousin about it.


Souleymane and Deva decided to take their relationship to the next level. So the young man made sure that no one came home in the afternoon to disturb them. She took advantage of a moment alone with her father to confide her worries to him. In fact, Souleymane was stressed because it was Deva’s first time. But despite his efforts, Antoine could not find the right words to reassure his son, on the contrary.

Soon, Deva confided in Kelly that she was ready to be with Souleymane. The young woman is sure of herself and will not wait to see her boyfriend this afternoon to act.

The couple met again in the afternoon. If at first everything goes as planned, the pressure will eventually prevent Souleymane from moving. So, Deva also shares her stress with him which relaxes the atmosphere. In the end, the lovers kiss and pass the course.

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