The dark story of “Medea of ​​Patras”, accused of killing her three little girls


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A Greek mother whose story of the death of her three children in three years moved to the country is now accused of killing them.

In the Greek media, his face was shown for months. First as a grieving mother waiting for answers and asking for help, now as a cold-blooded killer. Roula Pispirigkou, 33, was recently charged in Athens, officially accused in the courts of killing her three daughters. His arrest came a few months ago after an autopsy revealed a high dose of ketamine in the body of his 9-year-old daughter, Georgina. He died in hospital in January. Prosecutors believe that the mother, before this tragedy, hurt Malena, 3, in April 2019, then Iris, her 6-month-old daughter, in March 2021.

According to the ANT1 channel, Roula Pispirigkou, who lives in Patras, denied the facts that he was accused of although he informed his lawyer and his relatives several times that he expected “to be blamed for the death of their children “. However, he insists that the girls died of pathological causes, saying that the marks on the faces of Iris and Malena were made after their deaths, during the attempt to resuscitate them. In particular, he hopes to rely on statements from doctors, nurses and emergency services, who say that when they arrived at the scene, they did not see any marks on the children’s faces.

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A first attempt at murder

Prosecutors relied on several elements to indict the mother. The investigation began after Georgina’s death and the results of the autopsy. Experts found that the 9-year-old boy died after ingesting ketamine, a mind-altering drug used as a fast-acting anesthetic in medical or veterinary surgery. At the time of her death, the girl was in the children’s hospital, where she was treated since the first attempt to kill the mother who left her quadriplegic. The autopsy revealed that he had received approximately 6.5 mg of ketamine per liter of blood, a dose not prescribed for him by his doctors. Once this report was made, investigators made several devastating discoveries for the mother. Before this, it was revealed that Georgina’s body was buried with “her favorite thing”, a computer that was dug up last April. The “Daily Beast,” citing a source interviewed by local media, said the computer had Google searches related to ketamine or other similar drugs. “Peloponissos” added that the mother should have brought a technician to her home to remove all digital searches of her home. An accusation he also denied there.

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Another element also placed the chip in the ear of the investigators. While trying to find out more about little Georgina, they came across drawings in which her two younger sisters were represented as angels and her mother was drawn with a black head. The father is not in the drawing. “It looks like the child is very scared and depressed,” psychiatrist Dimitrios Souras told The Daily Beast. Prosecutor Giorgos Noulisa said he had “an ongoing criminal plan to get rid of his daughter,” the Enikos website reported. According to the investigation, on the day of the first assassination attempt, the mother took her daughter to the hospital when she did not show any pathological signs. After an examination, the doctors would have decided to send him home, which the mother would have refused. “During her hospitalization, little Georgina was accompanied only by her mother, who remained alone with her in the room and would have been against the intention of the doctors to release the child”, shows the investigation. But his health suddenly deteriorated due to an “external factor”. The mother, knowing that the doctors were late that day, reportedly removed the device that monitored her pulse. Then, he would have looked for them to inform them that his son was not well. When the doctor and two nurses entered the room, they said they found the nine-year-old pale, pulseless, urine dripping, pupil dilated and unresponsive. “The doctors successfully tried cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation, thankfully he survived, however, because of the attack on him, he suffered hypoxic encephalopathy, causing paralysis of all four arms.” “They couldn’t connect me to the evidence of ketamine and now, to strengthen the case of murder, they also accused me of attempted murder. These are just suspicions without evidence. Georgina already had a heart attack in front of the doctors , nurse and my husband,” she said in July through her lawyers.

Iris and Malena, who mysteriously died

After all these revelations, the police therefore decided to investigate the deaths of Iris and Malena. The latter was treated for leukemia and his death was initially believed to be related to liver failure. But according to the prosecutors, such a sudden death can only happen if the little girl, subject to extensive medical monitoring, has a terminal illness, which is not the case. Regarding the death of little Iris – which he first said gave his heart – traces of blood were found in his mouth, proof according to prosecutors that his death was a criminal act. The blood will be linked to the post-mortem rigidity of the body, indicating that the death occurred several hours before the mother’s help.

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At a time when the deaths were still believed to be linked to health issues, Roula Pispirigkou appeared on television several times, publicizing the dramas of her life and sparking an outpouring of support in the country. He explained in front of the cameras that he needed answers after the deaths of his children, which he described as “mysterious”, saying that experts were “looking for rare genes” within his family. A month after Georgina’s death, Roula Pispirigkou and her husband Manos Daskalakis gave their first interview. “In the laboratories they are looking for the rare gene that causes the death and from what they tell me they can’t find it,” he told Star TV. “We want answers about what happened to our daughters,” added Manos Daskalakis.

Cited by the site Enikos, the mother’s lawyer said in June that his client, imprisoned since April for Georgina’s murder, did not understand the changes in the medical examiners’ conclusions about her two other children. woman. . “He wonders why the first medical examiners didn’t say these things, why they said something else”, he commented, indicating that he was “devastated”. “He proclaimed his innocence, he did not know how to explain to the society that he is innocent. He cannot bear to be blamed for the death of the other two children,” he added. The comments were repeated on Monday by ANT1: “He has the feeling of being attacked from everywhere, of being in a state of public exposure and being wrong about the accusations and his image that appears in the media.”. Her husband, from whom she is now separated, and who initially supported her, is now on the side of the prosecutors, saying in April that “the evidence is incontrovertible. It is too much”.

Roula Pispirigkou was officially charged, according to Greek law, with “intentional murder committed in a calm state of mind”. This criminal case earned the defendant the nickname “Medea of ​​Patras” in the national and international media. A reference to Medea, a character from Greek mythology, known for her art of drugs and poisons, and who was involved in a series of murders, including her two sons.

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