The beautiful promises of Christophe Galtier

Today July 31, 2022, Christophe Galtier sat on the bench PSG for the first time in the official competition during Champions Trophyand won 4-0 against FC Nantes. The chance for the capital club to win for the 11th time in its history in this summit meeting. the weather Galtier officially begins a victory with a beautiful game, promises to remember, and a new life… Tactical return to it first!

A cohesive group

One of the recurring evils of PSG too often play a team that is cut down the middle. The reasons are many, but it mainly focuses on an offensive line that does not defend, or replaces itself poorly or not at all. If we look closely at the behavior of the attackers in the meeting Champions Trophy, this time seems so far away and this major flaw has been erased. In fact, in more detail, we observe the importance of substitution and the participation of the defense expected in Christophe Galtier. There is no question here to bring or send ready-made sentences, although it is known in the game sequences where Messi and Neymar are at dry cleaners to prevent reminders Nantes. The name of Sarabia not forgotten, but the Spanish international is used to defending. Re The Flea and the Parisian number 10 they were, during the greater part of the meeting, the first in the laundry under the instructions and the encouragement of Christophe Galtier like this sequence, in the video, obtained by the Twitter account @MoroccoPsg :

This involvement in defense also allows men Christophe Galtier which is higher on the field, and thus sharper in the transitions between defensive and offensive phases. The former coach ofOGC is greatin a post-match press conference, said: We must always insist on substitution to avoid this team being cut in two“. We can easily say that this idea is fully used during this victory Champions Trophy. However, efforts must be increased throughout the season if the players want to preserve this balance. Even more so if PSG develops a system with three defenders, where the lack of defensive implications of the attackers can easily expose the rest of the team, and create an almost systematic excess in favor of those against.

A Neymar-Messi pair found?

In the 3-4-1-2 system, many doubt about the placement of Neymar. If it is feared to see the Brazilian star in a position that would restrict him as a second striker, the role given to the number 10 in PSG more important in the game of Red Blue. To illustrate this, we can rely on catches in the first big chance of the game with a Neymar in the heart of the game, to leave Messi and Sarabia take a vertical run into the penalty area:

An interesting positioning, alternating with Leo Messi, which allows one or the other to take on the role of conductor and lead the game, because both benefit from a passing quality and a vision of the game above the average. So for the most skeptical who thought they saw it Neymar in this attacking position, Christophe Galtier gave his answer yesterday. With two former Barcelona players, one can imagine the impact that a Kylian Mbappe with two South Americans surrounding him: “ Kylian’s contribution is more than an asset to this project. It’s up to the staff and me to make sure the deal between the three works and allows the team to score more goals“, declared the French technician at the end of the 4-0 victory against FC Nantes.

Focus on the defensive aspect

The famous three-man defense was very convincing and strong in this encounter. The players who Marquinhos, Ramos and Kimpembe upgraded this system to provide the effort it needs in the coverage phases. The Spanish international returned to the microphone in Main Video of the feelings of the Parisian rearguard in this new scheme: ” Alright, that’s a new system too. We have to work together Kimpembe and Marquinhos. We played a little bit last season, but not like that. We will work for movements, hours and covers. We still need to work on defensive strength, but I think it’s a solid system for our level. It maintains a high offensive system and plays well with three central defenders“. If we look at individuals, we can still point out some mistakes, especially in duels.

On the flip side, we found a Ashraf Hakimi and Nuno Mendes very high in the field. The two young players benefited from the work of the midfielders, especially the Moroccan international, well covered in Marco Verratti and Sergio Ramos during his ascension.

It’s been a long time since it was difficult to be passionate about analyzing a game PSG. Despite a defensive animation to be perfected, there is something to be attracted around the offensive aspect, in the phases of the game stopped and in the attacks. An often derided sector of the game, the Paris environment captures the quality of the pair Verratti – Vitinha, and it is a real source of satisfaction that should also be worked on. It is clear that the PSG on Christophe Galtier a beautiful promise, which we hope to fulfill.

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