oh | “Bamba Dieng’s decision has been made”, our interview with Seydou Bocar Seck, the agent of the promising Senegalese striker at OM

The file is sensitive. Appreciated by the Olympian’s supporters who believe a bright future is promised to him, Bamba Dieng (22) has been absent from the field since England’s training camp and has not played in any of the last three friendlies game even though he appeared in perfect form. during the first two. This aside calls. His adviser, Seydou Bocar Seck, agreed to take the floor of Provence to take stock of the African champion.

How do you analyze Bamba’s current situation?
Seydou Bocar Seck: I wouldn’t say it’s complicated, but it’s amazing. During the offseason, I received a classic call from the club asking me what Bamba planned to do. We told them that his project is a long-term one at OM, that he wants to stay and has no plans to leave now. We told them that he is focused on the 2022-23 season, the Champions League and the upcoming World Cup with Senegal. They said OK, and we continued. Bamba continues to prepare. He is injured (victim of torn thigh, he has not played in the last match against Strasbourg, May 21, letter to the editor). The diagnosis from the club’s medical department said he had it for two or three months and that it was very serious. He decided to sacrifice his vacation. Although he was not called, he chose to participate in the selection to intensify his care. He cut three or four days then continued the course of fitness and re-athleticization. Which means it is instantly available at 100%.

He entered the break in the first warm-up match against Marignane-Gignac-Côte Bleue (4-1), scoring three times. He also played in the second half of the second match against Norwich (0-3), then was not used by Igor Tudor. How do you judge this removal?
I’m not talking about stepping aside, the coach makes the necessary decisions for the team at the moment T. The player, meanwhile, adapts. After all, it’s clear that for Bamba, his place is the field.

What is Bamba’s position?
His position is to listen, he expects communication from the club. If the player is not good enough, as his new status in the hierarchy indicates according to the coach, we wait for them to call and say clearly: “Listen, we don’t think that’s enough for us, please find someone else.” From then on, we knew what to do. Another alternative may not be appropriate. But this is an assumption to reject… He has shown enough things for us not to think that. Summer preparations are over. OM’s record is five goals. He took three. With reduced playing time, he still became the top scorer. He was disappointed but also positively touched by the messages of support he received. Many people did not understand the treatment that was reserved for him. It confirms his choice and the path he decided to go, which is to stay at the club, always improve his performance, and make the people of Marseille proud and happy. We know that fans are very demanding. He understands that people can be strong, even if his first season was a bit unsatisfactory, because they believe in him. He wanted to give it back to them. If the problem is purely sporting, if something goes wrong, the minimum, especially for a young player, is to go to him and tell him: “There is such and such a thing that you miss. Do it”.

We still have the impression that OM wants more than anything to push him to accept the idea of ​​a departure…
We don’t know anything. As for him, his decision has been made. He wants to stay. OM is his club. He aims to give back to the fans all the positive energy he received through good performances on the pitch.

Bamba’s contract runs until 2024. Are there talks for a possible extension?
Never. There was a pretty cordial conversation on the phone during the off-season where the club asked us what we wanted to do this season. We told them that Bamba’s future is with OM and there is no question of leaving for now. Other than that, there is no conversation about a potential extension.

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