Longoria is on the front lines at the heart of a tumultuous summer

OM president Pablo Longoria has had a turbulent summer since the sudden departure of Jorge Sampaoli. Respected for the peace he brought after the departure of Jacques-Henri Eyraud, then the qualification for the Champions League obtained last season, the boss of the club also made mistakes.

Hurricane warning in Canebière. Praised by OM supporters for his ability to shape, albeit in a limited way, a compelling squad, for a style of play that is equally demanding, corresponds more or less to the idea made of him as his trainer at the time, Jorge Sampaoli, the attractive and enthusiastic Pablo Longoria is going through a first zone of confusion since the quick departure of Jorge Sampaoli during the summer. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, between the need to deal with the reduction of room for maneuver in the transfer market and to fill an ambitious coach, Pablo Longoria has no choice but to fight -with Jorge Sampaoli in the conditions of a departure, a year before the end of the contract of the Argentinian technician.

Only a few days until the president of Marseille announces the replacement of the Argentinian. So is Igor Tudor, a coach whose extreme methods keep the locker room in check. Less interventionist than his predecessor in the transfer window, he was not imposed on his management. On the other hand, Tudor intended to dictate his law and impose on his players a complete change of philosophy, even if it meant looking like a dictator to his troops. Players expecting more diplomacy got their money’s worth. At the moment, Pablo Longoria seems to stand behind his coach despite the revolt of the players, according to the daily L’Equipe, but the situation seems to be complicated in the management of a controversial coach, when the time about to start.

Bad preparation, disputed coach, disappointing recruits… all the ingredients for failure are gathered at the dawn of a season that is confirmation. After André Villas-Boas and Jorge Sampaoli, will Pablo Longoria join the third coach on his way to the exit? Such a failure would be a huge stain on Pablo Longoria’s CV, which already has quite a few. If he has made some good moves in the transfer market (Guendouzi, Saliba, Ubos, etc.) and can always be credited with the direct qualification for the Champions League, which got the gong at the end of last season, has been able He also made many casting mistakes. in recruitment (Nagatomo, Henrique, Kolasinac, Balerdi, Lirola, Bakambu…).

The management of the person who raised the questions

The off-season also highlighted a particular man-management with the treatment reserved for poor Bamba Dieng, sidelined like scum when he was Marseille’s top scorer in summer preparations with little playing time and that everything seems to indicate that he can perfectly match the style of play promoted by Igor Tudor. However, and while the player hammered that he could see himself progressing at Marseille, his president did not hear it that way.

According to his agent in La Provence of the day, Bamba Dieng’s situation is “strange”. The Senegalese clan lost patience, while OM gave the impression of encouraging the player to accept the idea of ​​leaving. Downgraded overnight in the hierarchy of OM goalkeepers after the transfer of Pau Lopez, Steve Mandanda (now in Rennes), club legend, also has a small taste of this downgrading suffered, experienced as great violence.

In the unrelenting dismissal of last winter, Alvaro Gonzalez has since terminated his contract with OM, he who no longer plays under Sampaoli. While he was one of Jorge Sampaoli’s most used Olympians in 2020-2021, the Spanish center suddenly disappeared from circulation. “They started mocking me in an incomprehensible way after my behavior, when I gave everything for the club, that I went through the winds and the waters…”, complained Gonzalez in an interview with L ‘Equipe in February.

His players asked the referees to play in this heavy climate that he participated in creating, Pablo Longoria saw a hell of a dream approaching. The OM president must try a way to rule the sacred union to avoid the specter of a major crisis hanging over his face. A coach dropped his players after friendly matches when he just arrived, we’ve never seen that. And a coach is thankful even before the start of his first season, at least a little. We are not yet at this stage, but the atmosphere is tense in the city of Marseille.

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