League 1 | FFL predictions for the 2022-2023 season – Part 2

Did the first episode of our predictions make your head spin? Then you are not ready to see what awaits you here. Five clubs are in the program: Lens, Lille, Lyon, Marseille and above all, the Football Club of Lorient.

Ligue 1 will once again disrupt all your weekend programming in the next few days. It’s on top of small rooftop parties and nightclub outings. Now, from Friday to Sunday, you can taste unfair and incomprehensible referee decisions, as well as carotid tackles. Here is the second part of the famous FFL predictions for the upcoming season.

RC lens

We will not lie to each other, RC Lens is one of those clubs where we do not share any amount on the field. A playful attack, a mad burst of energy, public support even in defeat. In short, everything that we do not endorse, is united in one and the same club. Except for the refreshment bar and the chip shop, of course.

Since their promotion in 2020, Sang et Or has twice finished in 7th place. Rarely has the expression “not two without three” scared us so much. If one last hope can fly before the start of the new season, it has been approved forever since the embarrassing victory against Inter Milan in a hot game. Second in the last Italian championship please. Do you feel the most successful season in Lensois?

FFL forecasting : Undoubtedly, Artésiens will again beat most teams in the championship. Deep down, we knew that qualifying for the European Cup was just around the corner. But at FFL, we love the series. So we bet on a new 7th place in the final classification.

The person to follow : Frank Haise. Who else but the wizard himself? Since he arrived at the head of the first team, the players have changed. If he is Argentinian or Spanish, there is no doubt that he will drive the biggest cars in Europe. So for mercy’s sake, let Franck get his denaturalization. La Liguain suffered greatly from his tactical genius.

LOSC Lille

Alphabetically, LOSC follows RC Lens. A fiery derby, on the lawn and in alphabetical order. Champion of France in 2021, LOSC had the chance last season to achieve a stunning double. But fortunately, the Mastiffs are focused on another championship reserved for the elite: soft underbelly.

Torn between the specialties of the field, namely Brestois, Rémois, Montpellier and Angevins, the residents of Lille persisted. And knows how to stay mentally strong to win this prestigious trophy. 48 goals scored, 48 conceded, no club could compete to finish 10th in Ligue 1. Through consecutive championship wins and the soft title the following season, LOSC invented a a new concept: the seesaw double.

With the departure of Botman and Celik, Lille’s defense took a big hit. But there is no doubt that the main absentee this season is Hatem Ben Arfa. After an anthological 2021-2022 exercise, Lille supporters will find it hard to forget Ben Arfa’s countless flashes of genius.

Highlights of Ben Arfa – LOSC

FFL forecasting : After a season led by an inspired Jocelyn Gourvennec, it can be complicated to do that exercise. But the potential of Mastiffs should not be underestimated either. A new soft-belly title may be right around their corner.

The person to follow : Paolo Fonseca. The new mentor of LOSC has a difficult task this time: to forget the people of the late Jocelyn. After two complicated workouts with AS Roma, Paulo chose to take a one-year sabbatical last season. Unless he decides to extend it this year in the north of France.

FC Lorient

Like RC Lens, Merlus moved up to Ligue 1 in 2020. And like Lensois, they finished in the same place twice. However, there was no 7th position for them, but 16th every time. If they kept themselves to just two points the first year, they inflated their mattress to four the next season. While scoring six units is less. The magic of Liguain and nothing else.

However, in 2022, FC Lorient is better than PSG, Barça, Chelsea and Manchester City in one particular area. And not least.

FFL forecasting : If the Hakes continue in the same series, they must escape the threat of the four descendants. But our little finger tells us that the men of Régis Le Bris have a good chance to face Niort and Quevilly next season.

The person to follow : Terem Moffi. The author of only 8 goals in the league last season, the Nigerian striker scored almost a quarter of his team’s goals. This is the advantage of playing for the club with the worst attack in the league.

Olympique Lyonnais

Since the end of last season, OL has undergone a drastic change of face: a new owner and the return of club legends Lacazette and Tolisso. But what has not changed in Lyon is the love of crisis. That’s why Peter Bosz’s players don’t have to wait for the first official game to be slapped. In just one week, Anderlecht (3-0) and Willem II (5-0) enabled Lyon to prepare for the next championship in the best possible way.

In the face of the Dutch, who, on the other hand, have just been relegated to the second division, Julian Pollersbeck achieved a hellish figure. Two soft hands and a clearance blocked his goals. We have reached the point where Anthony Lopes no longer needs to train to keep his starting position.

FFL forecasting : With only one more game to play every week, Lyon put all the chances on their side to finally grab the top 3 and qualify for the Champions League. But let’s not forget how talented OL is at scuttling themselves. One thing is for sure, the friend from Saint-Etienne will not be ready to let off steam when the weather goes down.

The person to follow : Alexandre Lacazette. How not to mention the return of the General of Les Gones? The man with 129 goals in the OL jersey will make a crazy gamble this season: to score more field goals than penalties. Yes, we know, but it has to happen at some point in this valve.

Olympic Marseille

If the sequence of Lens – Lille is delicious, the interval between the two Olympics will make our ankles tremble. Because if in Lyon the situation is a bit unstable, in Marseille we can talk about a mess to stay polite. If the departure of Sampaoli caused an initial anxiety among the supporters of Marseille, the arrival of Tudor gave them a second cool effect to kiss the back of their heads.

The preparatory games started badly, especially the victory against the great Marignane Gignac (4-1), who is better known in his airport than his football club. Then the engine finally started; defeats against Norwich (3-0), Middlesbrough (2-0) and AC Milan (2-0). His.

Enough to make OM supporters regret joining OM in the Champions League.

FFL forecasting : Since OM has only one game to play every week from December, it is possible that the Phocaeans will continue with a new qualification for the Champions League next season. For the same scenario.

The person to follow : Looks like a Tudor, but not sure if he was on the second day. So let’s look at Luis Suárez. South American, scorer passed in England, and improved in Spain. On paper, the similarities are striking. On the ground, there are definitely two-three differences. But one thing is for sure, comedy will last forever. At least.

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