In a video, youtuber Lena Situations denounced the harassment she endured for a year

“I took a potato when the hate I suffered on the internet went in front of my mother”. In her Paris apartment, content creator Lena Mahfouf (also known as Lena Situations) is serious. On Monday August 1, a day before the opening of his concept store and the launch of his summer vlogging marathon, he posted a video on Youtube to talk about the cyberbullying he says he has been a victim of since last summer.

It all started a year ago, in August. Every summer for five years, he films a video every day to share his daily life with his subscribers. But one morning, he found himself at the center of Twitter debates and the insults about him started to mix. “He didn’t start from scratch and he wants to pretend he is”, wrote a “hater” on the social network, to cite just one example without vulgarity.

Her career, her lifestyle, her body, her personality… In the weeks that followed, every element of the young woman’s life was subjected to criticism and vilification for a group of unsavory Internet users.

While she was invited to the Ballon d’Or ceremony at the end of 2021, Lena Mahfouf announced that she will not participate because she will not be in France at that time. A new wave of hatred swept over the young woman, even more violent. “I think I’m mentally ready”explains one who started YouTube videos in 2015. But from the start of the harassment episodes, “When I said a sentence, I said to myself ‘How can they make this a new topic? (…) What will they answer to that?explains the youtubeuse, looking forward to all the next waves of hate that he is “uncontrollable”.

Gradually, what happened on social media seeped into real life. Insults and threats started targeting his relatives, friends and family. “It went beyond the virtual world, to reach my mother’s house”, he explained, adding that the latter had to cut his phone line, because he was receiving hateful calls. Eggs thrown on her doormat, messages of insults sent by her grandmother who lives in Algeria… Lena Mahfouf chained situations of harassment and embarrassing experiences for a year.

He explained, for example, that many groups came to ask him for a photo on the street, with smiles on their faces. Then, when the camera is on, they start a video where they start to insult him, in front of his eyes.

This moral harassment, in life or on the web, Lena is not the only one suffering from it, it is also the case of many content creators today. “We know (…) I know the rules of the game (…) If you make videos based on Lifestyle, you will be attacked with personal things, because you show a personal things.he explained. I’m complaining about something that people understand very little, I feel out of touch with reality.”

A few months later, completely exhausted, Lena decided to go to Los Angeles to get away from France and its critics. “There are many things that I can no longer share for fear of being killed in the streets, or worse that something will happen to my loved ones, to my brother”, he confessed to his friend Marcus, in a video extract where he was crying in his bed. Three months of rest to regain strength and restore his self-confidence. Someone who made several videos a week a few years ago has only made seven since last summer.

At the end of his video, he encouraged his subscribers not to let it go and fight together to fight this massive and dangerous cyberbullying. “Fortunately I was surrounded, otherwise I don’t know where I would be today”, he said. to his haters, on the other hand, he has only one thing to say: “I invite you all to come yourselves. We will have a good summer”.

This Tuesday is also a big day in the life of youtuber Lena Mahfouf: she opens her concept store in Paris where she will sell her clothing line and start her month-long marathon of vlogs that she makes every year during six years. .

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