Horoscope for the week from August 1 to 7, 2022, here is what awaits you

This week, a strange astrological event will stir people’s consciences. Mars, Uranus and the North Node make a super conjunction in the sign of Taurus, an aspect that promises to change the lives of the 12 astrological signs.

It’s about making big changes in some area of ​​your life, and stepping out of your comfort zone to free yourself from old patterns that are holding you back from growing.
Last week’s Leo New Moon revitalized your mind to take on new challenges.

Use your inner strength to initiate the changes Heaven is asking of you today. Have a great weekend under the blue sky!

Horoscope for the week from August 1 to 7: love, health, work…


This week, you are focused and you will succeed in removing the limiting beliefs that you have been carrying on your shoulders for a long time. Watch out for innovation. Planetary movements this week will push you to change!


This week, a major astrological conjunction is happening in your sign, dear Taurus. A big paradigm shift will happen in your life. You are often reluctant to change, but this one will help you see life through a new prism. Don’t resist!


Mercury, your ruling planet, asks you this week to pay particular attention to your family and belonging groups. If you’ve been too busy lately to show them your love, take advantage of this week to make them feel like you’re there for them.


This week, you will feel the need to change your professional life. Aim for more and better, your feelings are reasonable. The time to move on this terrain in your life is now.


Dear Leo, even if your period has brought you confidence and a certain stability, take some time to reflect before acting. Tensions can arise in the field of work with a collaborator. Don’t just growl. Try to find common ground before defending yourself.


This week, you are looking to refine your philosophical approach to life. You change the angle from which you make links and you are able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes more easily than before. A more altruistic version of yourself is brushing right now, let it out.


This week, it is in your financial house that this happens. Monitor your accounts, and especially find out how the way you create your wealth is changing. Seek to collaborate with people who are more experienced than you in this field, it will bring you revolutionary new perspectives.


This week, the most important changes will have a direct impact on the way you establish human connections and your relationships with others. Rethink your romantic relationships and find out how you can improve your social interactions so that they are more harmonious and balanced.


You are in a challenging situation this week, and it is in your daily life that you are looking for changes. Your routine no longer suits you and you want to improve your daily routine with something new. Change starts with yourself!

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Your priority in life is your work, we know you, Dear Capricorn. But you need love like everyone else. Now is the time to sacrifice some of your work time and take care of your love life. Give yourself a chance to believe in love, and it will give you as much value as your professional life.


Your home and your home life will be greatly affected this week. If you have just moved, think about making your environment more beautiful and safe. If not, consider changing your interior. You will be happier in a home that suits you.


You are the kind of person who helps others without expecting anything in return. This week, you must communicate your needs so that your kindness is not exploited in the sentimental and romantic domain. Be kind, but clear and firm with your words. Don’t change your generous heart, but reaffirm the way you set your limits.

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