Hélène and Victor are married (Summary of episode 944)

“Un Si Grand Soleil” in advance and in preview with a complete and detailed summary of episode 944 on Thursday August 4, 2022 In this new episode, Hélène and Victor turn a corner and Jacques Moore risks serious trouble.


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Un Si Grand Soleil Summary in advance episodes 944 on Thursday August 4, 2022

Elisabeth wants to file a complaint against Jacques Moore

Jacques Mourre contacted his bank because he was unable to transfer even though he was given a cash facility. He did not understand what was happening. Laetitia is on a date and her interlocutor suggests sending a message for her.

Meanwhile, Marc offers Myriam a getaway to Capri this week, which she immediately accepts.

Laetitia called Laurent Berthier of L Cosmétiques to prove that Jacques Mourre had a contract with the company for a while worth a million euros. He sent him an email with a contract with L Cosmétiques, but Laurent didn’t have time to open it. Laurent turns pale when he discovers Jacques Mourre’s fake handwriting and Laetitia explains that she needs a little time to make checks.

The accountant then showed Myriam and Elisabeth the two contracts. The values ​​are not the same. Jacques commits forgery in writing. Elisabeth asks Laurent to call Jacques Mourre’s bank to let them know. The business woman intends to file a complaint against him as soon as possible. But Myriam suggested that she first listen to what Jacques Mourre has to say in his defense. Elisabeth explained to her protégé that the insurance did not understand that they were waiting to file a complaint and regretted that Myriam did not understand that everyone should think of the welfare of the company first before being sentimental.

Myriam brought Jacques Mourre to L Cosmétiques and asked him for an explanation. Marc’s father explains to him that he is desperate and promises him that he does not want to harm him. Myriam informs him that the bank has been notified and that a complaint for forgery and counterfeiting is being considered.

Jacques later receives a visit from his son at his home, who turns on him. He apologizes to Marc and promises him to act this way, because he wants him and Louis to take advantage of him later. But Marc doesn’t believe her anymore and angrily tells her that he doesn’t want to see her anymore.


Hélène and Victor as a couple

Early in the morning, Victor unexpectedly arrived at Hélène’s house. He offered her an amazing bouquet of roses. After exchanging a look, Victor and Hélène could not resist. They kiss and share an intimate moment. They plan to call each other during the day. Victor is in a difficult situation. He assures Claire that he will never see Hélène again.

For her part, Hélène learned that her application as a trauma nurse had just been validated. It will start on Thursday as the position will become available earlier than expected. David tells Hélène that they will miss her. Claire overhears their conversation and joins in. He couldn’t wait for Hélène to leave the service.

Victor sends a text message to Hélène and suggests that they meet again tonight.

Claire goes to the cabin to apologize to her father for her behavior one last time. He explains to his father that it is not his fault if Hélène tries to contact him through him. Victor did not lead by a wide margin. Claire offers her father to start from scratch, and invites him over for dinner. Victor declined his invitation because he was tired.

Then Victor went to Hélène who told him of his fear of losing her and not calling her back. Victor admits to her in return that he doesn’t know where this story will take them and one thing is for sure, it’s that he doesn’t want to miss it. He tells her that for the first time in a long time, he feels good. Hélène took him to her room.

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