first shipment of Ukrainian grain expected in Istanbul “after midnight”

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9:49 in the evening : The Nord Stream gas pipeline turbine is still in Germany, the Siemens group recently announced to the German channel N-TV, after being sent home from Canada where it underwent maintenance operations. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will visit the Siemens plant in Mülheim-an-der-Ruhr, where it is located, tomorrow and make a statement. Russia has sharply reduced gas deliveries through the Nord Stream, and requested the loss of this turbine. Western countries believe that this decrease in flows is due to the Kremlin’s political choices.

9:10 in the evening : It brought the first authorized load of Ukrainian grain since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. the Reason, a freighter flying the Sierra Leonean flag, arrived on the northern coast of Istanbul in the Black Sea at the end of the day. From Odessa with 26,000 tons of corn destined for Lebanon, the ship had to spend the night anchored off the coast of Turkey. It will be inspected tomorrow morning by an international team at the entrance to the Bosphorus, said the Turkish Ministry of Defense.

7:48 in the evening : Spain has finally decided not to hand over Leopard tanks to Ukraine. “They are in a really pathetic situation”said Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles. “We can’t give them because it’s dangerous.” Earlier this month, Madrid announced the delivery of ten Leopard 2A4 tanks stored in Zaragoza.

2:06 in the afternoon : The Russian Supreme Court classified the Ukrainian Azov regiment as a “terrorist organization”, informs the state agency Tass. A decision that will increase the number of cases in which Russian prisoners of war are held accountable. Our journalist Valérie Crova explained this morning how this regiment was reconstituted after the fall of Mariupol, where many of its members were.

1:05 in the afternoon : “All the peoples who once lived in the great and mighty USSR will once again live in friendship.” : a message published last night on the official page of former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, on the Russian social network Vkontakte, has cause for concern in the former Soviet republics. In particular, the text qualifies Kazakhstan as a state “artificial” who did a “genocide” of its Russian minority, and declared that Georgia could not exist without a part of Russia. But this message was deleted in a few minutes, and a spokesman for Medvedev said this morning that his account was hacked, and that he was not the author of this text.

11:15 a.m : “I can’t forget, I have my phone next to me, I watch the news all the time. But it’s true that I rested a little, it was like a dream.”

Secours populaire allows beneficiaries to enjoy holidays in Casterino, a town in the Roya valley that was affected by typhoon Alex two years ago. This year, Ukrainian families were able to “forget” the war for the duration of a stay.


09:40 : Hello there Reason left yesterday from the port of Odessa with 26,000 tons of corn on board. It will unload its cargo in Tripoli, Lebanon.

09:39 : Loading wheat or corn? Intended for what population? Thanks for specifying.

09:32 : The first ship full of grain to leave Ukraine since the start of the war should arrive in Istanbul “after midnight” local time, according to Turkish authorities. It will be checked there by a team from the Joint Coordination Center that oversees the application of the agreement between kyiv and Moscow on the export of grain, before entering the Mediterranean and heading to Lebanon.

08:00 : Mid-July, at the funeral of Adrien Dugay-Leyoudec in Clermont-Ferrand, his presence interested more than one: an officer of the Ukrainian army, sitting in the front row, near the parents of the family of young French fighter who died in front of Kharkiv. Moral support, logistical support, financial support… I told you in this survey how kyiv tries to consider foreign fighters as its own soldiers.

08:02 : Statues, street names, books… Across the country, many Ukrainian cities have undergone a process of “derussification” to promote national history, while the Soviet Union imposed the names of foreign characters with no connection to Ukraine”. But not all Ukrainians agree.

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