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Released, provided:

Do you remember that feeling of emptiness when he announced the end? However, setbacks, when they appear insurmountable, always teach us. Dropped, delivered recounts those moments in life where it is a question of reinventing oneself to live a better life.

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Robin was in a relationship for 6 years when his partner announced their breakup: “We were at the point where we had to decide if we want a child or not, if we want to live in town or rather in the countryside. make all these decisions but so is he. In fact, like many couples I know, we rarely see each other even though we live together. Bantara work, sports activities, friends, aperitifs at work, we see each other a lot. didn’t talk much anymore. I mistakenly thought it was a natural evolution. In fact, we both stopped.”

Robin’s ex-girlfriend has been struggling with dark thoughts for several months: “He didn’t try to protect me or make it easy. He just told the truth and that’s something that always bothered me. his place. “I’m leaving you because I hate you” sounds very violent. I’m ready for him to tell me that he doesn’t love me anymore, it’s not a joke. But my hatred is on another level. I’m not sure I’ I hate anyone in my life. I asked him to explain himself and he started a long list.”

A long list of complaints

Robin was criticized for his lack of listening but not only: “I didn’t support him enough, I was gentle, I thought more about my friends than him, I had annoying habits. It didn’t end. Finally he confessed to me that even my voice and my mannerisms seem unbearable to him. He can no longer see me painting.”

Video. “The father of my children has gone to the other side of the world”

Robin’s ex-girlfriend cried with suppressed anger: “He was a little red, his fists were closed, I saw his jaws clenched. .He was angry with me for who I was, he was angry with me that he was wasting his time. After this discussion, I also realized that he was also annoyed that he was with me all this time. I realized that I could’ I didn’t do anything about it, tried I’m just going to make the separation as quick as possible. I’m not denying any arrangements for our moves, I’m not questioning any of his business separation options. I’m super cool.”

This is the first time Robin has this attitude during a breakup: “I’m more known for creating drama, yelling, crying, trying to convince my exes that we should get back together. I feel mature and was in the right position to do it. It was a decision that made me grow. His reaction and his statements made me want to do things right. I felt stronger to do that. It allowed me properly close to separation and its consequences.”

life choices

Robin finally took the time to think about her future: “You don’t have to be in a relationship to ask yourself if you want a child or how you see your life in 10 years. Alone, I finally answered these questions. I want a child. I even want more. When I have an appointment I am very clear, fixed and fortunately. I do not take this breakup personally. The blame for my ex is who I am. I don’t want to change. I can put effort into things and more in tune but I can’t change the way I talk or behave. I can’t be anyone other than me. So I’m looking woman who loves me like that and who I can love who she is too.”

Robin asked the best of his ex: “After a few months, I found out a little bit about what happened to him. He found someone. I felt that during our separation I witnessed all the pain and bitterness that he dragged from birth. with me, you can’t wish for a man to live like this forever. He’s more beautiful when he’s happy and smiling. And if I’m not the one who did it, then again.”


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