DIRECT. War in Ukraine: for Putin, “there are no winners in a nuclear war”


BP’s profit tripled in Q2

British hydrocarbon giant BP reported a group net profit that tripled a year in the second quarter, to 9.26 billion dollars (9.03 billion euros), due to rising oil prices. hydrocarbons. The group expects oil prices to remain high in the third quarter “due to continued disruptions in Russian supplies” but also to reduced reserve capacities and inventory levels that are “significantly below the five-year average “.


Russia accuses Ukraine of using landmines

The Ukrainians, in the Donetsk region, used rockets that scattered mines. This accusation was made by the Russian authorities. The Russian news agency Tass reported that Russia yesterday handed over documents on the subject to United Nations (UN) leaders.


The pro-Russian authorities are confident in Kherson

The pro-Russian administrator of Kherson assured that at least 80% of the population would soon vote in favor of joining Russia. It highlighted the fact that 90% of the inhabitants were “Russians” and that the Red Army “protected them from the shots of the Ukrainian army aimed at them”, according to the Russian agency Tass.


1451 criminal files about children

Ukrainian justice is currently dealing with 1,451 criminal cases involving children, including 668 for violence. It can be murder, injury or sexual violence. Some relate to attacks on places hosting children or forced displacement.


752 cases were processed for treason

According to independent media in Kyiv, 752 cases are being processed in Ukraine for treason. Most of these cases were opened in the eastern regions of the country (Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia) and in Kherson, in the south.


Places called Shelling in the Dnipro region

That night, there was a shooting in the Dnipro region. Currently, the listed consequences are only material with destroyed houses and vehicles.


Three dead in an evacuation in Mykolaiv

An evacuation operation from Mykolaiv, in the south, left three dead. This is the result of bombing a minibus by the Russians. Explosions were also heard in many parts of the city.


5 minutes to understand why Zelensky called on the residents of Donetsk to evacuate

Since the start of the war, the Donbass region has been the target of incessant bombing, causing many civilian casualties. Faced with “Russian terror”, the Ukrainian president called on his population to leave the area “to save as many lives as possible”.


Less air conditioning and heating in Spain

The Spanish government has decided to set limits on air conditioning and heating in shops, cultural areas and transport. “The heating must be set to a maximum of 19 ° C in winter and a minimum of 27 ° C in summer”, according to the Minister for Ecological Transition. Lights in shop windows and lights in public buildings should also be turned off when not in use. Air-conditioned or heated areas open to the public should close their doors to prevent thermal waste.


There is no certainty in the recovery of cereal exports

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that it is “too early” to rejoice after the resumption of exports of Ukrainian grain from the port of Odessa. “Right now, it’s too early to draw conclusions and make predictions. Let’s wait and see how the agreement goes and whether security will be ensured. »


Putin warned that nuclear war would only lead to defeat

While an international conference is being held on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Russia, which put its nuclear forces on alert shortly after the start of the war, continues to follow the “letter and spirit” of the treaty. , according to its President Vladimir Putin. He assured that “there are no winners in a nuclear war”.


Mykolaiv in the heart of the fight

Russian strikes continue in Ukrainian cities, especially in Mykolaiv (south).

The town was attacked again on Monday, according to regional governor Vitali Kim, who reported that three people were killed. Mykolaiv is near the southern front, where Ukrainian forces are conducting a counter-offensive.

In the nearby Kherson region, a city taken by the Russians on March 3, 46 occupied areas were said to have been retaken.


Ukrainian artillery reinforced with American equipment

Artillery is decisive in the conflict in Ukraine. Extremely greedy for projectiles, its supply is essential. The United States, the main supporter of Ukraine, announced on Monday the delivery of new weapons for 550 million dollars (roughly equivalent to the euro), thus bringing its military aid to more than eight billion in total. the. . This aid will include ammunition for Himars rocket launchers and 75,000 155mm shells.


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