Deputy Aymeric Caron hopes to bring the final blow to bullfights

Spectators attend a bullfight in Dax, southwest France, in August 2014 – Nicolas TUCAT © 2019 AFP

Its aim is to amend the Penal Code which punishes the abuse of animals but stresses that its provisions “do not apply to bullfights where an unbroken local tradition may be used”.

While the season of bullfighting is in the south of France, a left-wing deputy, Aymeric Caron, intends to quickly present a bill in the National Assembly to bring the final blow to this spectacle that he considers it “immoral”.

“That bullfighting is an immoral spectacle, a spectacle that no longer has a place in the 21st century, I think this is a point of view shared by the majority of French people”, confirms Aymeric Caron , elected from the left in Paris , who confirmed that he hopes to testify before the National Assembly to ban the practice.

“This is a bill that I hope to see the debate in the Assembly in November”, added the elected representative of the party La France insoumise, the first part of the left opposition in the French parliament.

“It’s not a French tradition”

France is not immune to the anti-bullfighting current that affects all the countries concerned – Spain, Portugal, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela – but since the first attempt in 2004, no initiative has succeeded in imposing a vote in the Assembly. , or even a parliamentary debate.

Before the prospect of a debate in November, Aymeric Caron, who claims to be an “anti-speciesist” (who opposes the exploitation and consumption of animals by humans) acknowledged that he must first convince the within his own party and seek allies. in the assembly.

Its objective is to change the Penal Code that punishes the abuse of animals, but stipulates in its article 521-1 that its provisions “cannot be applied to bullfights if the uninterrupted local tradition can be used “.

“This is not a French tradition, it is a Spanish tradition that was imported to France in the middle of the 19th century to please the wife of Napoleon III, who was an Andalusian”, points out Aymeric Caron.

This “uninterrupted tradition” has however been strongly defended for many years in the south-west near Spain – Bayonne, Dax, Mont-de-Marsan or Vic-Fezensac – and on the Mediterranean rim – Nîmes, Arles or Béziers.

A “recurring” theme in each legislature

For André Viard, president of the National Observatory of Bullfighting Cultures, the ban on bullfighting is a “recurring” theme in every legislature.

“We will tell other political groups: what is the point of association with this political proposal that is against the freedom of culture, protected by the constitution, and the identity of the territories”, he explained.

Aymeric Caron hopes to be united in his project, in addition to other left-wing representatives, elected representatives from the right-wing opposition, even from the majority of the president. He emphasized in particular the unknown position of the presidential party whose assembly leader Aurore Bergé asked in July 2021 to end this “barbaric practice” in a public forum signed by various centrist and right representatives.

“Will he be true to his convictions or will he make a political calculation that will prevent him from supporting me,” wondered Aymeric Caron.

“People are more and more sensitive to the suffering of animals”

The balance of power is precarious in the assembly where President Emmanuel Macron lost in June the absolute majority he had in his first five-year term.

“People are more and more sensitive to the suffering of animals, including bullfighting,” said Claire Starozinski, president of the Anticorrida Alliance, which launched a media campaign on four television channels to raise of public awareness against bullfighting.

At the end of July in Bayonne, in the southwest of France, thousands of aficionados in red and white gathered for the first local festivals in two years – forced by the pandemic – centered on bullfighting.

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