Who is Rishi Sunak, dear to the “Tories” who are struggling today?

Yet he is the long-time favorite and on course to become Britain’s first non-white head of government. But Rishi Sunak, former finance minister who had a meteoric political rise, is now struggling to convince the house for a succession of Boris Johnson against Liz Truss.

The favorite candidate of the representatives, this rich 42-year-old former Hindu banker, grandson of Indian immigrants, was left by the head of diplomacy in the polls of about 200,000 members of the Conservative Party, responsible for deciding between them from here. early September.

Brexit support

Accused of betraying Boris Johnson by closing the door on the government in early July, deemed too tidy, too centrist or too pushy in his budget discretion against a competitor who promised big tax cuts, the task is difficult for Rishi Sunak, despite the popularity. when he gave billions of pounds in state aid during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite his oratorical facilities that gave him hope of climbing the slope during the campaign, this early supporter of Brexit was unable to change the trend. Even worse, he pretended to be in the first televised duel, constantly cutting Liz Truss off and seeming to lecture her.

Financial discretion

Faced with the fiscal shock proposed by the head of diplomacy, described as a “fairy tale”, he opposed the discretion of the budget and the need to control the historic inflation that burdens British households. Under pressure, however, he made an about-face by promising cuts in VAT on energy and started a series of attractive proposals for the right wing of the “Tories”, for example on immigration.

But in times of a cost-of-living crisis, his fortune, amassed during his career in finance and through his marriage to Akshata Murty, the daughter of an Indian multi-billionaire, is not good. Liz Truss’s allies mocked her expensive suits and Prada shoes worn during the campaign. He also recently saw a young video resurfacing where he confessed that he does not have a friend from the working class.

success story

Faced with these criticisms, this fan of the saga Star Wars returns to his family history, as a success story as conservatives like them. Born on May 12, 1980 in Southampton, on the south coast of England, Rishi Sunak is actually the eldest of three children and the son of a general practitioner in the public health system and a pharmacist. Born in India, his grandparents emigrated to British East Africa in the 1960s.

“My family immigrated here 60 years ago. (My mother) ran a local pharmacy in Southampton. This is where I grew up, in the store, delivering medicines. I work as a waiter in an Indian restaurant on the street,” he said in a rare moment during the proceedings when he was applauded. “I am here because of the hard work, sacrifice and love of my parents”. It is also a way to remember the career of Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady” of liberal reforms, the daughter of businessmen whose candidates fought over the legacy and who is often cited as the model of Liz Truss .

Labor side

Rishi Sunak, however, quickly rose to the elite by attending Winchester College, an excellent boarding school for boys. He then studied politics, philosophy and economics at the prestigious universities of Oxford, England, and Stanford, USA. Before entering politics, he worked in finance, primarily at Goldman Sachs, and founded his own investment firm.

This father of two daughters took an oath on the Bhagavad Gita, a Sanskrit text, when he was elected Member of Parliament for Yorkshire (north of England) in 2015. Almost five years later, he achieved what he wanted. position of Minister of Finance, soon. before the pandemic started.

Reminiscent of Labor’s Tony Blair, he has built a real brand” Rishi Sunak on Twitter and Instagram. Known for not drinking alcohol and his taste for detail, we see him working in a hoodie or visiting a construction site. In occasional flashbacks, such as when he was mocked for having a very expensive cup attached to his desk.

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