“We owe twenty years”: in Chécy, the testimony of a client of a subsidiary of Geoxia, placed in compulsory liquidation

On the side of Flavien Klisowska’s house in Chécy, this summer, there would have been a brand new 30 square meter extension. But on this first day of August, there is only a lawn… and, placed on the wall, the panel of a construction site that has never been, and probably never will be, a venue.

Owner here for seven years, Flavien Klisowska launched this home extension project last fall. Enough to make one more room, and space for his partner and his two children to come and live with him (he already has two children by his side).

For work, he turned to Phénix Evolution, a subsidiary of the Geoxia group, whose agency is located in Saint-Jean-le-Blanc. Unlike Sologne et Loire Habitat, independent of Geoxia since 1993, Phénix Evolution is a subsidiary of the group, placed in compulsory liquidation at the end of June 2022. For Flavien Klisowska, the pill was hard to swallow.

Liquidation of Geoxia: Maisons Phénix projects continue in Loiret

“Mostly, it’s a security guarantee”

“We went through Phénix, because of their experience, also because the house is now a house in Phoenix… Usually, this is a guarantee of security, there is no reason to worry”, said Cacien.

The works are estimated at 77,000 euros, with a start initially planned for the month of March, several installments are given: 2,000 euros initially; 21,510 euros on February 15; then 23,510 euros on April 1. That is more than 47,000 euros paid by Flavien Klisowska to Phénix Evolutionmore than 60% of the total amount of work, without seeing the smallest centimeter of concrete or construction machinery.

The first technical visit took place on March 11. Then, “they came back in April, brought the digger to see what it was”. Next, “They keep reminding us to pay these deposits, that’s how we feel cheated”.

“everything is broken”

On May 25, he received an email from the company Phenix Evolution, which had recently been put into receivership.. He cited the pell-mell of Covid, the war in Ukraine and the rise in the price of raw materials, to explain his difficulties. Soon, “we had a call from a salesman to tell us that there was a problem. However he then told us not to worry, to get on with it…

Anxiety remains, however, and rightly so. New email received by the owner on June 29, this time, to announce the judicial liquidation from Geoxia.

“Everything is turned upside down, we find ourselves gathered with two children in a room, hugging each other … Everything is destroyed, we can’t do this extension anymore because we don’t have the funds, now we’re going to tinker.as much as we can… And we are in debt for twenty years.”

“No law”

However, it is not for his personal situation that Flavien Klisowska admits is motivating. “We know very well that there is no chance of us getting the money back. We are not fighting for ourselves, but for others, there is a legal vacuum. Now, we have an insurance guarantee for the construction, but for all the extension or repair, there is nothing.

Flavien Klisowska is part of a Facebook group, “Recovering our installments from Phénix Evolution”, which makes it possible to put people in the same situation in contact throughout France. One of the goals of this group is mount a collective action, stronger than a group of individual actions“which does not give absolutely anything. Now we have to find solutions, there is no point in looking back”.

If the month of August is not good for development on this front, “We should meet again in September”. What is the organization of the extension, this time, in the field of fighting…

Dimitri Crozet

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