Ukraine has announced that it has captured 46 localities in the Kherson region from the Russians

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The governor of the Kherson region announced on Monday, August 1, the recovery of Ukrainian forces in 46 localities in this strategic region located in the south of the country, as part of their counter-offensive.

To date, 46 occupied localities have been liberated in the Kherson region “Dmytro Boutry told the national television. According to the governor, the villages taken by the Ukrainian army are in the northern part of the region, on the border with Dnipropetrovsk, and in the southern part, on the border with the heavily bombed Mykolaiv region.

Some of the villages were taken 90% destroyed and continuously burned “. The humanitarian situation in the region is critical said the governor, reiterating the authorities’ appeal to those still remaining in the region that ” evacuate to safer places “.

In the first days of the invasion launched on February 24, Russian troops seized almost all of this strategic border region of Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014. Russian forces seized the region’s capital, Kherson, on March 3. This was the first major city to fall to the Russians after the invasion began.

Last month, a Ukrainian official promised that the Kherson region would be taken by Ukrainian forces in September. And in recent weeks, the Ukrainian army, bolstered by deliveries of long-range artillery provided by the West, has launched a counter-offensive. Kyiv forces carried out strikes against Russian warehouses and military positions and destroyed bridges that serve as important supply routes for Moscow’s troops in the city of Kherson.

Mykolaiv was heavily bombed

In the neighboring region of Mykolaiv, the Russian army continued its strikes. The town was attacked again on Monday, according to regional governor Vitali Kim, who reported three people dead. ” The city was destroyed. But luckily there were few dead, few injured “, he said on his Telegram account. ” Everything is open, the shops are open “said the governor who is still thinking about reopening the port” for two weeks “.

The city of Mikolaiv is the rear base of the offensive announced by the Ukrainians and which probably took place in the Kherson region.

Dominique Trinquand, military expert and former head of France’s military mission to the UN

Agence France-Presse reporters also noted heavy Russian bombing of the town of Bakhmout, in eastern Ukraine. Three civilians were killed on Sunday in the Donetsk region, including two in Bakhmout, and 16 others were wounded, local authorities said on Monday. The Russian army claimed to have destroyed two ammunition depots in the same region and a fuel depot near Nikopol (south-east). It also claimed to have destroyed two American Himars precision artillery systems during a strike at a factory in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, in the northeast.

On the diplomatic front, Russia on Monday banned the entry into its territory of 39 more British personalities, including Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer and former Prime Minister David Cameron. According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which published this new list on the internet, the authorized personalities ” contribute to London’s hostile policy aimed at demonizing Russia and isolating it on the international scene. The ministry accused the UK of spreading false information and fueling Russophobia. Moscow thus responded to the sanctions imposed against it by several Western countries since the start of the war against Ukraine at the end of February.

More than 250 British personalities have been banned from traveling to Russia. Among them, the star television journalist Piers Morgan, preferred to respond with humor. ” It’s not on my vacation to-do list right now. “, he wrote on Twitter.

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