LIVE – July 2022 was the 2nd driest month on record

In Haute-Corse, a fire has damaged “at least 200 hectares”

A fire “inaccessible” to the ground teams that destroyed this Monday “at least 200 hectares” of the maquis in the town of Santo-Pietro di Tenda in Haute-Corse, without threatening habitat, told AFP a spokesman for the fire department.

This fire, reported by firefighters at 8:40 am, covered a “minimum envelope of at least 200 hectares” in the town of Haute-Corse located about twenty kilometers from St-Florent, a coastal village popular with tourists. in summer.

The second burst of fire 800 meters from the first could be stopped and burned only “3 to 4 hectares”, said Lieutenant-Colonel Thierry Nutti, duty officer of Codis 2B.

“There is a strong possibility that it is of criminal origin”, estimates the mayor of Aubais

While several firefighters were injured trying to respond to fires near Aubais, in the Gard, the town’s mayor, Angel Pobo, made it clear to our antenna that their lives were not in danger.

“The firefighter seriously injured, his life is not in danger, he is much better. The others were slightly injured,” he reported on Monday. “Other than the injured firefighters, we have no other injuries in the city.”

“In the area where there was a fire, there is not much traffic. There is a high possibility that the origin is criminal”, he concluded.

He explained that the gendarmerie still needs to collect testimonies to try to identify a suspect.

The Gard fires were linked to poor maintenance and the heat wave, according to the mayor of Aubais

While 400 hectares of forest went up in smoke in Aubais, in the Gard, hit by fires, Mayor Angel Pobo declared to BFMTV that “the fire is almost under control” this Monday.

“Today, the fire is more or less under control. There are occasional reminders because there is little wind. It’s a bit sad to see all this forest with nothing left”, he declared to our antenna.

In an attempt to explain the causes of the start of this fire, the mayor of Aubais evoked the poor maintenance of the grounds and the scorching weather.

“Everything has come together: the weather, the condition of our forest… As far as the town is concerned, we have started clearing things in more dangerous areas than the ones that burned,” reported Angel Pobo.

Spain fears a third episode of heat wave this week

After a short break at the end of July, the temperature rose above 40 ° C again since Sunday in Spain, fearing the third wave of scorching heat in almost two months.

“It is possible that from Sunday July 31 to Wednesday August 3 or Thursday August 4, we will exceed the criteria of intensity, duration and size necessary to categorize this period of high temperatures as a heat wave,” the spokesperson explained on Monday. from the Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET), Rubén del Campo.

However, this episode was not as intense as the long heat wave from July 9 to 18, one of the worst ever recorded, according to preliminary data from AEMET.

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July 2022 was the 2nd driest month on record

July 2022 was the “second driest month of all months combined” in France since measurements began in 1958-1959, with a cumulative aggregate of 9.7 millimeters of rain, Météo said. -France on Monday.

So far, the driest month ever recorded was March 1961 with 7.8 millimeters of rain accumulated across the country, determined Météo-France, whose first records of rainfall began in August 1958.

Fire in Landes: the fire “is not progressing”, 300 hectares have burned

The fire started on Sunday night in Mano, in the Landes, “has not progressed”, announced the prefecture in a press release on Monday.

The fire is “continuing” and its perimeter now covers “an area of ​​approximately 300 hectares”, which includes areas that have burned and others that have not, the prefecture said.

Forty people were evacuated as a precaution. No homes were affected.

Up to 33°C: the new heat wave will not leave Brittany this Monday

Once again, Brittany can’t avoid the hot weather this Monday. The thermometer will rise especially in the east of Morbihan and in the south of Île-et-Vilaine, with temperatures of 30 to 31°C expected. It will reach 33°C in neighboring Loire-Atlantique.

Drought: the risk of fires located at “very high level” in the Gard

The fires continued to hit the southern part of the country, while the fire in the Gard was under control on Monday.

Faced with successive fires, Lieutenant-Colonel Éric Agrinier warned, considering that “the risk of fires will be at a very high level for several weeks” in the region, on BFMTV.

“We are dealing with extremely aggressive fires, which are developing at an extraordinary speed”, worried the spokesperson of SDIS du Gard.

“It’s unsustainable”: a village lacks drinking water due to the Drôme drought

The drought is hitting the south of the country hard, and especially the Drôme at the dawn of the third heat wave. In part of the village of Clansayes, south of Montélimar, the water is drinkable even on Monday.

“The (groundwater) table is so low that we can no longer pump the water and send it to a reservoir. Our water tower is now supplied by tank trucks”, explained Maryannick Garin, mayor of Clansayes, in Drôme , on BFMTV.

“In spite of everything, we are at risk of running out of water if the trucks stop filling our reservoir. This is unsustainable,” he worried.

Gard fire: the fire is under control, more than 350 hectares have burned

Good news on the fire front. If many hot spots are still active, the fire has been cured in Aubais, in the Gard, informed the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS) of the Gard this Monday morning.

“After a long fight last night (…), the fire was put down in the second half of the night and the situation is currently favorable”, announced Commander William Borelly, spokesman of SDIS du Gard, this Monday on France Info.

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Reaches 36°C: new heat wave from this Monday

The heat will be worse in the country this Monday. Due to a heat wave from the Sahara, this third heat wave since the beginning of summer should affect the southeast of the country on Monday.

We expect 34°C in Lyon, 30°C in Nice and 35°C in Montpellier.

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